Top NASA Scientist is addicted to Betway betting

Ranveig Oberoi is the proud owner of a bus coach-building business. She says that the best coach-builders ever were Thrupp & Moborly of England.

Ranveig is a great believer in god and she claims that she talks to the god directly when she is all alone and in a meditative state. Ranveig says that the god told him that the god promised the humans that if they live righteously and keep evolving for the good, they will never run out of the resources required for their survival.

Ranveig’s one and only brother – Balder is a NASA scientist who claims that it was not the human beings who invented the agriculture but the aliens from another planet. Balder says that the human beings of the prehistoric times were never intelligent enough to invent something like agriculture and it is clearly not the work of the human beings that still looked more like the apes than the modern human beings.

Balder says that he knows a NASA scientist who is so much corrupt that he is planning to start his own oil refinery after he retires from his job at NASA. Balder says that there are several NASA scientists that are corrupt as hell but nobody whom he knows is corrupt as this gentleman.

Balder claims that the aliens destroyed the February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia and he has proofs of the same but the mainstream media won’t let him show those proofs.

Balder says that there will never be space hotels because the aliens won’t let it happen as they don’t want humans to enter their planets at any cost.

Balder wants to focus more on science than gambling but he finds himself helpless because พนัน betway keeps him addicted with those huge winning amounts.

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