Anna Veziano is hated on the social media for her lottery money

Anna Veziano is popular on social media for making claims like human beings would still have been living like animals if there were no Roman or Greek civilizations. Anna herself belongs to one of the enemy tribes of the Roman and Greek people aka the Jews aka the Children of Abraham aka the Israelites.

Anna is also popular for writing on social media more than once that a husband is subordinate to his wife and if he is not subordinate to his wife then that is the end of a happy home and ultimately the end of the civilization. Anna says that a civilization is the sum result of a large number of homes and if the people in each and every home are miserable, the society will be miserable too. Anna keeps giving the example of the Islamic societies where women are thought of as sub-humans and according to Anna, misery is in the air of each and every Islamic country including Turkey.

Anna openly talks about her strong liking for ugly things on social media. She says that she knows that the clothes, cars, etc that she chooses for herself are really ugly but she cannot help it. She cannot resist ugly things.

Anna is perhaps the greatest fan of one of the 12 apostles – Saint Peter. Anna is a great follower of all the teachings of Saint Peter but she is not willing to believe the Miracle of the Sun also known as the Miracle of the Fatima was a scam. Anna says that the Catholics are trying too hard to prove their religion right and that Jesus was the result of a virgin birth and the one and only son of the god. Anna is a fan of buku mimpi 2d bergambar and she knows almost all the trusted lottery websites from Malaysia.

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