There will be a war between India and Pakistan and the only victors will be the gamblers

Edwina Barbados claims that there will be a war between India and Pakistan before the Indian General Elections of 2019. Edwina claims that the elections in India are all fixed from the year 2016 on but as the Indian public is already very skeptical about the elections being rigged, the current Indian government and its opposition (both are the stooges of the US and Europe) are trying their best to make sure to the public that the elections are not rigged. Edwina claims that 25-30% of the Indian public is unemployed and most of these unemployed people are so fond of a war between India and Pakistan that they will do anything to see one. Edwina claims that the current Indian government will wage a war against its neighboring nation Pakistan to spin the bottle and make the current Indian government win the elections again.

Edwina claims that the war will do several things at once for the United States and Western European countries for whom the governments of India and Pakistan work. First, it will shoot up the sales of their arsenals. Second, it will create a belief among most of the Indians that the elections in India are not rigged. Third, it will create an inferiority complex in the people of Pakistan as they have already lost several wars with India. Fourth, as Pakistan is a military state and even though being a military state it has always failed to win any war that it ever fought which only has made people of Pakistan ask for nations according to race and language, those movements will catch the fuel and the ‘Free Balochistan’, ‘Free Pakhtunistan’ and ‘Free Sindhudesh’ movement will pick up a new pace.

Anyways, Edwina couldn’t care less about this stuff as she is currently busy winning tons of dollars at 먹튀사이트.

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