Amateur historian and world traveler spent all her time in India reading gambling blogs

Mercedes Brooks (name changed) sees conspiracy in almost each and everything around. Mercedes claims that she knows about almost every significant event that happened around the world from 1000 BCE to 700 BCE all over the world except current day Australia, North America and South America. She says that she can give a rough idea even about what could have happened between the Australian and American indigenous tribes but she cannot give you any guarantee of what she is saying as the only truth to be relied upon as in the case of ancient Asian, European, Middle-Eastern and other parts of the world.

Mercedes has a very strong disgust for the Hindus and Hinduism. She has traveled the whole world and once while in Uttar Pradesh, India, she talked to one poverty stricken guy (most Indians are poverty stricken) who told her that he will be rich soon enough and he needn’t worry about anything at all anymore. Mercedes asked her “What are you doing about it? What projects do you have in mind?” He replied, “An uncle of mine whom I had disgust for because of his alcoholism and domestic abuse died 2 years ago came to my dream and told me that you will be rich within months. I am so happy, I have stopped going to my petty job and I am waiting for the opportunity that my uncle predicted for me.”

Mercedes spent all her time in India reading gambling blogs and online football betting (บอลออนไลน์).

Mercedes is an online gambling freak and when she is not traveling or working, she is busy betting. You have got to see her thousand dollar bets, she bets it like there’s no tomorrow.

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