Workaholic inventor of several innovative fire crackers loves online Thai slots

Alice Verga claims that intelligence earns more intelligence, money earns more money and bad habits earn more bad habits nonetheless. Alice says that taking a day off taxes your brain and a workaholic must never take day off just because the others are doing the same. Alice says that if you are a workaholic and you work for someone else (a company or a small firm), then instead of watching television or doing any useless activity, the workaholic must work on inventing something, planning a business or any other thing that will prove to be productive in the long run.

Alice did a course on creating fireworks when she was a teenager, she has invented several fire crackers ever since including a fire cracker that can travel for 1 mile up in the sky. No government ever in the world approved that fire cracker by Alice claiming that it is a dangerous one.

Alice’s life is filled with more mysteries than that of the infamous Indian/Persian queen called Vashti or that of one of the most infamous patriarchs of the Jewish people from whom they borrowed their name – Jacob aka Israel. While on one hand Alice is against gambling and live draws, on the other hand she is all for the Thai online slots (สล็อตออนไลน์). Alice has been called bigot hundreds of times for her mysterious ways.

Alice is always hungry like a Wolf for more cars, houses and clothes.

Alice’s grandfather used to be a hunter for one of the greatest landlords of Colombia. He used to be a great believer in the reincarnation, he claimed that he was a Polar Bear in the previous reincarnation.

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