CVT and DSG transmissions are work of the Lucifer while Ngsbahis is the work of the Michael

Halima Lowthorp claims that CVT and DSG transmissions are the work of the Satan to make the masses lazy and unfit, especially women. Halima says that CVT and DSG transmissions makes driving effortless which in turn makes people use their evil and subconscious part of the brain by default while they are driving.

Halima is originally from Pakistan but she has been living in Birmingham, England for the past 17 years. Halima is married to a local man from Birmingham who is one of the richest men in Birmingham, England but still drives a Skoda Fabia.

Halima and her husband – George are both very versatile and well-educated and they claim that versatile and well-educated people make the best parents. They both are going under a infertility cure as they have been trying to have their own babies but not been able to for so long.

Halima claims that she lost her virginity only after her marriage and it is her firm belief that a woman is born again after losing her virginity. Halima says that she starts feeling very complete, serene and mature after sleeping with a man. Halima says that a lady is a girl until she is a virgin but she becomes a woman the day she loses her virginity to a man she loves.

Halima being from Pakistan has some harsh things to say against the Indian subcontinent and the people that live there. Halima says that the people of the Indian subcontinent love to hate life and they do not like almost anything that makes the life rejoiced and fun. Halima says that the Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis love misery and they will do anything to protect it.

Halima and her husband – George both love to bet on Ngsbahis and mostly come out as winners.

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