Just after 8 months of being broke, this Malaysian lady came up as a bigger success than ever and she owes it to one football betting agent

Som Commins went broke after her Suguna Pumps wholesaling and exporting business went bankrupt, but Som has always been the kind of a girl who never loses hope and her toughness and shrewdness combined really worked for her this time as well when she decided that the only thing that could make her rich again was lottery or casino and she chose the later over the first. Som started placing regular online football bets using one particular agent whom she trusts a lot (agen taruhan bola) and she came out winner 3 out of 4 times which is amazing and even unbelievable to many.

Only after 4 months of betting, Som started her own online Drone retail business and after 8 more months, she bought a company that manufactures Apple Peelers.

Som’s one and only brother – Apinya is the manufacturer of Flush Doors, Baltic Birch Plywood, Film Faced Shuttering Ply, Flexible Plywood, Blockboard, Platinum Plywood, Club Plywood, Gold Plywood, BWR Plywood, Red Plywood and Alter Plywood.

Apinya is an amateur political analyst and his greatest advantage is that he is a Polyglot. He speaks fluent Hindi, Urdu, Malay, English, Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Korean and French. Apinya claims that Dr Baland Iqbal of Rawal TV, Canada is a RAW, CIA and Mossad agent. Apinya claims that his PhD degree is fake and he has the proof that the fake Dr Baland Iqbal used to work at an Indian sweet shop in the heart of Ontario. Apinya claims that he himself saw Baland Iqbal working there when he was on his tour to Ontario.

Apinya claims that Japan is double-crossing the capitalistic countries with having secret alliances with communist countries including the Republic of China and Russia. Apinya claims that Japan is going to take a great advantage of the Korea-US conflict in the future.

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