Willis took a vow of never working for anyone else again since he started winning incredible amounts with casino slot machines

Willis Comtois used to be on a prominent position at the Amazon Inc until he had a strong argument with Mr Jeff Bezos himself and decided to stop working there. Willis says that Jeff Bezos may be a great businessman but he is far from becoming a great human being. After Willis was kicked out of the Amazon, he decided that he will start his own company and will never work for anyone else again.

Willis didn’t want to take a loan, borrow money from his rich friends or family members, so he decided that he will take the gamble of betting online and he started reading posts on top gambling blogs to know about the trusted online gambling websites and how to make a fortune through those. After reading different blogs for a couple of weeks, Willis found out that casino slot machines (kazino losimo automatai) are the real deal and decided to give it a go and guess what? Willis kept betting until he kept constantly winning and ended up winning 1.4 million US Dollars in a span of 44 days. Willis invested all the money that he won in starting a new glass business and the business has been doing well ever since the day it was formed.

Willis recently enjoyed a trip of almost all of Eastern Europe with his family and the whole family loved it. Willis’s wife – Chelsea says that Sofia in Bulgaria and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the two most beautiful cities that she has ever seen and definitely two of the most underrated tourist destinations in the whole world.

Willis observed that the complex government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to transform a town called Celinac in Bosnia and Herzegovina into a high-tech city inspired by the USA’s Silicon Valley and India’s Bangalore. Willis claims that if everything goes well, the Celinac town is going to give the Silicon Valley a run for its money.

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