She doesn’t have to work hard for the money since the day she discovered Ratuqq

Ragna Merton claims that the popular auto-journalist Doug DeMoru is a porn and masturbation addict. Ragna claims to have met Doug on several different NoFap websites, discord and slack NoFap help chatrooms. Ragna says that it is unbelievable how addicted this guy is, she says that on one of the discord NoFap help chatrooms – “Realest Men Alive”, Doug confessed about wanking to the women looking at them from their windows just like one of the most popular serial killers of all time – Ted Bundy.

Ragna says that she never wore a pair of RayBan sunglasses in her entire life. Ragna hates RayBan sunglasses so much that she has already wrote over 15 posts on her blog criticizing the RayBan sunglasses. Ragna’s most recent post against the RayBan sunglasses’s title read “RayBan – all talk no show”.

Ragna says that you can identify a man by the kind of car that he drives. Ragna says that the men or women who drive big SUVs are bullies, the men or women that drive lifestyle pick-up trucks are careless big spenders, the ones who drive sporty cars love to enjoy life to the fullest and do not care how much it costs, the ones who drive understated cars like Audi A8, Volkswagen Passat are introvert and workaholic while the ones who drive weird looking cars like Fiat Multipla, Toyota Previa, Stout Scarab, etc are really weird in their overall life and behaviour as well.

Ragna has always been addicted to writing, she left a very good job to pursue a career in writing and ended up being a broke but didn’t give up writing and ultimately found a solution to never work again and keep pursuing her career in writing and that solution is called Ratuqq. Since Ragna started betting on Ratuqq, she never had to go to work again.

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