Top Internet Marketer from Carlsbad, CA, uses nothing but Printable Calendars on his walls

Benjamin Weiland is a full-time internet marketer from Carlsbad, California, who believes that Argentina has the best and the most underrated SEO talent. Benjamin claims to have met some of the female internet marketing experts while on a vacation to Argentina and he was amazed at how skilled and knowledgeable they were.

Benjamin recently posted on his blog that he believes that the coffee shop cum internet marketing agencies are the future. He also mentioned that he is inaugurate the first of that kind in Carlsbad, California, in 2020.

Benjamin claims on his blog that the marketing companies that promise at least 50% money-back in case of no satisfaction are only good enough to be your choice and he says that he mentioned the same from the point-of-view of a customer as he sometimes has to outsource a lot of business and he only does it to the companies that offer 50% money-back guarantee.

Benjamin also claims that getting your website to the first page is not that much of a big deal as it is keeping it there forever. He writes that any internet marketing company that promises you that they can rank you on the top of the first page of a search engine without any sort of money-back guarantee, cannot be trusted at all and you are better running away from them as soon as you can.

Benjamin has mentioned more than a couple of times that internet marketing is not something as easy as helping your dad out for moving the furniture from one place to another, he says that it is one of the most complicated jobs on the face of the earth. Benjamin also says that no matter which furniture he uses, he says that when it comes to the Calendar, he uses nothing but the Printable ones, including the 2019 Calendar on his walls.

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