Hindus are some of the stupidest people on earth – Pedrina Lords

Pedrina Lords recently hated a trip to India, she met some of the stupidest people there. For example, she saw many dengue victims there who got bit by an Aedes aegypti on the days of Navratras and instead of visiting a doctor, they were all going to the Vaishno Devi – a holy pilgrimage site for Hindus, especially Hindus of the Northern states. After they came back many were dead already and the rest were in worse condition than they were before. Unfortunately, their stupid pilgrimage couldn’t help them at all but instead made the condition worse. It may be that their Vaishno Mata as they call her was responsible for generating Aedes aegypti. In one of the Hindu folks they say that their Lord Shiva brushes his seat in this season each year and that’s what causes Aedes aegypti spread everywhere in India.

Pedrina says that Indians are so scrooge, stupid and cheap, instead of buying a mosquito killer they spend all their money on temples in a hope that those idols will protect them from every disease caused by a mosquito.

Pedrina met several Saini people there in India whom they call ‘gardeners’ there. There are different varnas (caste) in India which are useless. Pedrina was surprised to meet several Saini Muslims as well there in India. Even most Saini Hindus do not have an idea that there is such a thing as Muslim-Saini. One of the most infamous Saini-Muslims is Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer of Pakistan who is accused of running a terrorist organization and whose father was infamous for giving hate speeches and ultimately got killed in a bomb blast.

Although Pedrina hated her trip to India, she loved working there as a Foreigner escort in Mumbai. She claims to have made a lot of memories while working there as a paid companion.

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