Transformed 1000 Dollars to 300000 Dollars within 100 Days

Edwina and Anushka are two friends who worked at Sheri’s Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada for over 4 years. Both the friends are young, Edwina is 24, while Anushka is 25. Anushka’s parents immigrated to the United States when she was only 4. Anushka’s father was an alcoholic and passed away when she was only 20. Edwina comes from what they call a “hillbilly” family in the US.

Edwina and Anushka are both beautiful and they enjoyed working at the Sheri’s Ranch Brothel. But they wanted to achieve what they call the American dream and this ride was too slow for them to reach there.

Edwina and Anushka wanted to start their own brothel too badly. Edwina comes from a Catholic family and hence she never gambled ever before even though she lived in Nevada all her life. Anushka comes from India where the gambling isn’t considered too bad and the whole family sits and gambles together in the month of their greatest festival ‘Deepavali’.

Anushka suggested Edwina that working with a South Goa Escort Agency is a great way to multiply their money and soon enough they will be able to start their own brothel if everything goes as per her plan. Edwina first resisted but then she complied with Anushka’s advice.

They both started investing in their own gambling website with US Dollar 1000 and they swore that they won’t add a penny to these 1000 US Dollars to gamble with. Their aim was to double the gambling amount every night and they succeeded in it. Within 100 days, they converted these 1000 US Dollars into 300, 000 US Dollars. Their aim is to make 2 million US Dollars and then start a world-class brothel. Let’s wait to see whether they will be able to achieve their goal of owning their own brothel or not. In my opinion, they will be. If they start their own brothel, what would they name it, that’s the question.

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