This Israeli man living in India loves playing Fifa 55 online

Brody Katz has been living in India for the past 6 years due to business purposes. Considered a socially awkward person by many including his friends, relatives and sometimes even family, Brody today is one of the most socially successful people you have never met. He has been successfully socializing with Indians from many different backgrounds, languages, income groups since his arrival in India.

Brody is a huge critic of the popular Indian author Arundhati Roy and claims that she doesn’t know what she has been talking about. He has accused her of using ghostwriters to write her books and he has also accused her of being a part of hidden propaganda against the Hinduism.

Brody is not a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), he is also writing a book against the ‘Neo Hindutva’ movement, cow protection and Ram janmabhoomi.

Brody’s wife has been living in Goa for a while now where she is one of the most popular North Goa escorts. Brody is really proud of his wife.

Brody is also writing a book on ‘How Hyundai became the second most prominent auto-maker in India’? Brody has made a claim in his book that Hyundai cars are one of the most unreliable ones and they use gimmicks like using the most popular movie actors for their advertisements and till now it has worked for them each time, especially in India. Brody also has mentioned that Volvo and Hyundai both buy paid comments for their Youtube promotion and they both also pay the professional car reviewers so that they only complement their cars. Not to mention about the paid articles on the internet and the newspapers.

When Brody wants to take a break and escape from the world for a while, he plays Fifa 55 gambling online on a website called air force.

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