Businesswoman bought a Volga and a Lada with the money she won with football betting

Monique Atkins is a businesswoman who has traveled around the world for her business. Monique believes that the cars in the small neighboring country of India – Nepal are ridiculously expensive. According to Monique, Russia still builds the best aircraft-carriers no matter how much the other countries try to pretend that they build the best of those.

Monique says that e-commerce is going to disappear from India as only a few minor companies have made a minor profit since the dawn of the e-commerce industry in India. Monique is amazed that eBay has already left India, Amazon has been suffering losses each quarter, Amazon never had a single profitable quarter since it started doing business in India which was about 4 years ago, one of the Flipkart’s founders has sold all its shares and withdrawn his role as the CEO from the company, clothing specific companies – Myntra and Jabong got sold out to Flipkart a few years ago, Shopclues only had a couple of profitable years which was long ago.

Monique is very critical of democracy in most Asian countries but she was astonished when she noticed that the top ministers in a so-called democratic and the most developed nation of Asia – Japan, don’t even listen to the ground level party workers and politicians.

Monique says that the once India’s largest city of Calcutta which is now called Kolkata doesn’t even deserve to be called a metropolitan city now. Monique says that there was a time when Kolkata used to be popular for it Jute industry but today it is only popular for its prostitution industry. Monique noticed and observed and that the women are sold there like peanuts and at the prices that one cannot even imagine.

Monique says that Russian cars and ships both are extremely durable and tough. She recently bought a 1970s Volga and 1980s Lada with the money that she won with football betting applying the tips and tricks that she learnt from an Agen Bola.

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