Daughter of a wealthy factory owner stopped drinking, smoking but started betting and she is loving it

Nel Santos is an auto blogger who says that the members of the Agnelli family should sell out all their shares in the Fiat Auto and start a worldwide news channel instead with the same money. Nel says that the only thing that the Agnelli family is good at is spreading news, both fake and real.

Nel is a daughter of a major manufacturer that has been producing nothing but tail-lights for cars, for over 2 decades now and that’s where Nel’s got interested in cars for the first time.

Nel has been working as a Vendor Manager at an Automobile company herself for the past 3 years and working there she got so busy that she successfully got rid of her addiction to alcohol and nicotine but she caught up a new addiction that has only proven to be good for herself and that is betting on different Indonesian gambling websites. Nel always keeps her favorite ItuQQ website bookmarked in each of her devices.

Nel lived in Israel for a while and living there she has come to the conclusion that buying a car without hill-start assist is a rookie decision. Nel was surprised to learn that many of the cab drivers in Israel aren’t even aware of what hill-start assist function is. Nel says that the government of Israel should make it mandatory to have the hill-start assist function for each and every car. Nel says that buying a Volvo Car is your best bet in Israel if you have the budget as they are pioneers in creating hill-start assist function.

One of Nel’s best friends recently bought the top end version of SEAT Ateca and while she likes everything about the car including the way it handles, she has been having issues with the sunroof from the very second week of her purchase of the car. The company hasn’t been able to resolve the issue by now and she fears that they never will be.

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