Flower shop chain owner is working on creating a unique and innovative cream with betting dollars

Ann Biermann owns a flower shop chain but she hates flowers herself which is quite unusual for a feminine woman like Ann.

Ann does a lot of shopping for rings and chains – silver, gold, platinum, she loves it all.

Ann is a blogger who writes about almost everything that she feels appropriate. Ann recently also made a post about how finding the right bookmaker reviews made her a fortune and she didn’t hesitate to reveal the secret behind her fortune which is quite unusual again.

Recently, Ann announced in one of her blog posts that she has been working on building a cream that will turn the women’s neck to something irresistible for men. Ann plans to keep most of the ingredients secret but she has already told that it is going to be a mix of 200-300 different ingredients and going to cost thousands of dollars for 150 milligram. She says that it is quite dangerous for men as well as it may cause the situation of sexual hysteria for them. Ann also wrote that the invention of this cream will result in more incestuous crushes and affairs, which she knows is not good but she also wrote that it is definitely going to help more people than it is going to harm and in a capitalist economy, Ann is not willing to compromise such a golden opportunity to make money for herself and her family.

Being a Jew herself, Ann has done a lot of study on the incest and its results. Ann says that the Jews would have been much superior if they knew about the consequences of the cousin marriages a lot earlier. Ann claims that during her study, she concluded that the inbred people are more likely to feel sexually attracted towards their cousins and sometimes even parents and siblings.

Ann says that the enlightenment era would have taken the place a lot earlier if the royal families of the Europe didn’t interbred.

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