Wannabe Super Saiyan Ambitious but Amateur Baccarat player keeps betting and winning

Kelvin Dumont has become obsessed with Super Saiyan since the day he saw him. He just wants to be like Super Saiyan and he has been trying his best to reach his full potential so that he can earn more money, enjoy his favorite hobbies including car racing and horse riding and pursue hobbies that he never got involved in, like flying and driving boats. Kelvin is 27 now and he wants to own his own plane and a boat by the time he is 31.

Kelvin has given up several of his bad addictions including smoking, drinking alcohol and partying on the weekends with his friends. He has also given up chasing girls and asking them their numbers. He is a very active member of the r/quitsmoking and r/stopdrinking subreddits. He was once even called the lifeblood of r/quitsmoking by the creator of the r/quitsmoking himself. It has been 231 days since Kelvin last smoked a cigarette. For a long time he kept believing that nicotine-free herbal cigarettes were harmful but he was wrong and he finally realized it himself without anyone telling him.

Kelvin says that the longer you go without smoking, the easier it becomes. He is confident that he will never smoke that cancer called cigarette again. Kelvin even tried water fasting for 4 days but he couldn’t think creatively at all within those 4 days and felt very weak all the time.

Kelvin has a very sharp mind and he knows it but he says that it is not sharp enough to achieve his goals. Sky is the limit for Kelvin and it shows when he keeps winning tens of thousands of dollars playing Baccarat and acts like it is nothing. One of Kelvin’s favorite hobbies is reading and that’s when he discovered online baccarat, he typed วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า randomly on google to see what comes up and discovered a goldmine.

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