Camila Scerri is a wonderful and charming businesswoman who might look scary or weird to some due to her weird beliefs

Camila Scerri gets rejoiced whenever she takes a glimpse of the gold bullions stored in her vault and she takes those glimpses quite too often.

Camila is a successful baseball bat wholesaler who is so greedy that when once she traveled through a hijacked plane, she was more concerned about her personal belongings than her own personal safety.

Camila is not a weird Hindu but she has certain weird Hindu beliefs and beliefs in different gods in Hinduism (perhaps in all of them). Camila has been trying her best to discover/invent a prayer to impress the Lord Indra (equivalent of the Greek God Zeus in Hinduism with many similar traits and relationships), which she claims will be able to make it rain whenever she chants the prayer. She has also been struggling to find out which Hindu god to pray to in order to ask for a stable weather.

Camila has a thing for the French cars but she prefers Dacia over Renault and Peugeot any day because she believes that Dacia cars are Value for Money whereas Renault and Peugeot are a bit over-priced.

Camila sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that Denmark, Norway and Sweden aka the Scandinavia is the real Dajjal. Camila says that the Dajjal wants Islamic and Christian countries to go on a deadly war with each other which these two are already about to. Camila says that the Scandinavian countries’ easy immigration is just a drama to hide their real face. According to Camila, the family law courts around the world are rip-off courts.

Camila has decided to expand her business overseas since she learnt that she could make a fortune with pengeluaran sgp . I don’t know about you but I will definitely miss out on her conspiracy theories.

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