Car enthusiast, theme restaurant owner, professional gambler turned her black Chevy Tahoe into a little personal bar

Maha Mech is a car enthusiast who says that she wants to build a car one day that will easily drive on the barrages. Maha says that she doesn’t mind even if any of the existing or upcoming car manufacturers does so, it is always her dream to drive safely on the barrages.

Maha says that the Kia named their compact car – Soul which some call Seoul inspired by the Spanish car manufacturer – SEAT which mostly names its cars after the Spanish cities.

Maha claims that the Chinese electronics manufacturer – Lenovo wants to enter the automobile manufacturing industry and their initial cars will be named after the Chinese rivers until they run out of the names of the rivers in China as they are planning to create the largest variety of cars ever known with a great diversity.

Maha recently sold out the engine of her old Chevy Tahoe and turned it into a little bar where her friends join her and they gamble and drink together.

Maha is not an engineer or mechanic but she claims that it is possible to make engines for automobiles that run on fuel wood.

Maha recently bought a medieval Indian subcontinent village themed restaurant which you may also call a well themed restaurant as the customers/eaters have to lift their food with a little bucket from the well there. Maha never thought that her dream of opening a restaurant like this will come true so fast but thanks to online gambling and top gambling blogs and forums that guided her to the right agen bandarq.

Maha says that there is something about the river Tigris which fascinates her so much and she says that not only herself but a river resembling Tigris has been mentioned in almost every major mythology including the Hinduism whereas India is far away from the river Tigris.

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