Went to India to explore Hinduism came back to Hong Kong and refreshed herself with Pools

Matrona Clement claims that the politicians who win consecutively are generally the most corrupt. Matrona didn’t have any data or any proof to back her claim but she sounded too confident when she said this to me that even I started believing this for a while.

Matrona is a big advocate of chastity. She says that there must be a great deal of self-restraint within the marriages as well. She also is never tired of repeating how some of the greatest races on earth were sexually abstinent. She gives example of countries like ancient Japan, the all of Europe during the enlightenment and Victorian era, ancient India.

Matrona recently went to India to explore Hinduism and hated it. Matrona is a big fan of the South Indian actress Khushboo Sundar.

Matrona says that Indians are so pessimistic about life. She says that Hinduism and other religions that were born in India are all pessimistic and life negative religions. She also did a research on the prostitution in India and discovered that even the greatest of the pimps in India are poor. She also did a thorough research on the Devadasi culture and hated it too.

Even the name India now drives her crazy in anger. Matrona is a blogger and in of her posts in July 2017, she made a claim that habitual liars have smaller brains compared to the ones who are not. I know several Indians myself and I can tell you that they are all big liars who lie without feeling any regrets. Many of them are psychopaths.

Anyways, Matrona did nothing but gambled online for 2 complete days after coming back from India. She has been learning Chinese for some months, and while learning the Chinese language she went through a pools website and won tons of Hongkong prize money with it.

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