Young Orang Rimba Architect making thousands of dollars a month without practicing architecture

Gilang Mehsopuria is an architect by profession who was born and raised in the city called Surakarta in Central Java. Gilang very early found out that the opportunity cost of working as an architect was a lot higher than making money playing at bandar tembak ikan indonesia full-time.

Gilang Mehsopuria firmly believes that women are still considered objects of pleasure. Gilang also claims that ‘women think they are entitled to all the luxuries and all women are queens’ is a mere myth created by men.

Gilang’s most favorite book is ‘Kiss me like a stranger’ by Gene Wilder and his most favorite movie character is Willy Wonka played by Gene Wilder. All-in-all, Gilang is a great Gene Wilder fan.

Gilang believes to the popular Indonesian nomadic tribe that goes by the name ‘Orang Rimba’. Like most people belonging to the Orang Rimba tribe, Gilang loves rabbit meat. Many people accuse Gilang of being over-reactive about everything but he dismisses the accusation each time.

Gilang loves to read and research a lot. He is currently researching why so many Catholics deviated from their faith which he personally finds ridiculous. Gilang is a great fan of the Catholic religion and he always wishes if he could have been born a Catholic.

There was a time when Gilang used to wear only the cheapest clothes that he could find but now nothing less than custom designed or tailor-made clothes would do for him. Due to his newfound material wealth, Gilang is having a relationship pattern going with his siblings that is only destructive. Gilang’s siblings are jealous of him but Gilang is doing his best to let them know that his relationship with them is divine and way above the material wealth but they don’t comprehend Gilang’s feelings at all.

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