Kimber hopes to gift her super-cop husband a cargo-shipping business with that winning amount

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Kimber says that her next plan is to start a used car dealership chain which will focus mostly on the European cars as most used car dealerships mainly focus on the Japanese cars and she believes that she will have something unique to offer and she can have an edge that way on her competitors.

Kimber’s husband – Tyronne is a cop who was very nervous during his first investigative task but he grew up to become one of the best cops in the history of Chile. Tyronne recently arrested several suspected retired officers which he believes are involved in drug trade. Once Tyronne busted a racket that sold weed in the nightclubs, the leader of the racket turned out to be the son of a top jury. Tyronne was one of the foreign police officers who were called by the Saudi Arabia’s government to give their cops training, he was also one of the officers who taught soft speaking skills to the police of the Haryana state of India.

While in Saudi Arabia, Tyronne met several Muslim extremists who said that there is something precious and unique about the land of the middle-east which cannot be defined in words. Some of them said that it was due to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad there while others said that it is because of the preciousness of this land that god decided to send his last and most significant message there.

Kimber wants to gift her husband a cargo-shipping business once he retires from the service.

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