Chief Operating Officer, Motivational Speaker, Gambling Lover, Author and Conspiracy Theorist, meet the all American Ivanka Jolie

Ivanka Jolie says that if she ever meets an extraordinarily person, most of the times they turn out to be a doctor, no matter which branch of medical field they are involved in – dentists, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, general practitioners, they are all boring.

Ivanka also claims that some of the dumbest people that she met were the soldiers or veterans. And she also claims that all the inventors that she is familiar with are sociopaths or zealous or both without exceptions.

Ivanka is against abortions, she says that if the child is born to a single mother or the parents cannot take care of it then the child must be sent to an adoption home instead and the government should focus on building more adoption homes rather than promoting contraceptives, abortions and masturbation.

Ivanka is a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a multi-million dollar company. She is an amateur writer and a struggling motivational speaker too who has written several books on self-improvement and given motivational speeches only a couple of times in one major US company and that company is the one where she is the COO.

Ivanka is a conspiracy theorist too and she uses encrypted chat networks like rocketchat instead of Skype to discuss conspiracies and politics.

Ivanka’s brother – Jeffrey is a professional website developer with the stamina of a Pronghorn Antelope – he has developed over 2000 websites in less than 4 years which is really incredible. He loves to seek the women’s attention too, he says that his self-esteem goes through the roof whenever a woman stares at him.

Ivanka and Jeffrey both love to gamble online and they both regularly bet on Indonesian slot online terlengkap, thanks to their command in the Indonesian language.

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