Saving winning amount to find the largest utensil museum ever in the world

Akshat Jain is an American car enthusiast of Indian origin who has always been very critical of the Indian car manufacturers, especially Tata. Akshat says that Tata Motors spent a lot of money on the gimmicks to popularize the cheapest car of its time – Tata Nano. Akshat says that it would have been much better and shrewd if they spent the same amount of money on improving the quality of their cars.

Akshat has been collecting ancient, medieval and prehistoric utensils to create the world’s largest utensil museum. Akshat says that it is quite evident that the god himself is helping him in achieving his mission of creating the world’s largest utensil museum by telling him in his dreams about gambling websites like fun88.

Akshat painted his 2006 Ford Fiesta with saffron color since he started going to the ISKCON temple and became a believer in Krishna again after the Hindu God Lord Krishna told him in his dream about the gambling blog Kendra Elias with the help of which Akshat has already won hundreds of thousands of US Dollars.

Akshat claims that his grandfather was a very innovative and creative engineer who originally designed the idea to answer phone calls in the cars with the push of a button long ago but didn’t think that the idea is going to work and didn’t have the money to work on it either.

Along with being critical of the Indian cars and their manufacturers, Akshat is very critical of the Indian auto magazines as well. Akshat says that it is a popular fact that the car awards can be bought but the Zigwheels Awards in India are so stupid that they gave BMW Z4 the import car of the year award in the year 2009, the year when not a single BMW Z4 sold in India.

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