Mark Allawadi is an amateur dietitian who hates tomatoes and cars but loves online poker

Mark Allawadi is an Indian currently living in Santiago, Chile whose grandfather was killed by a Rajput don of the Rajasthan state for witnessing against one of his family members who was running a fake Delhi Public School branch in a town of Rajasthan and making a bank. The government built a statue in the remembrance of Mark’s grandfather on the Tonk Road of Jaipur where some people still come to pay their respects regularly to him and his statue is nothing less than a landmark on the Tonk Road.

Mark is against any sort of nationalism and he is not ashamed to admit it. Mark is so bold that he once even went to the extent of saying that nationalists are generally naive and are mostly unemployed, 9-5ers or work at the the family business. Mark says that he never met a real nationalist who was a self-made millionaire.

Mark is an amateur dietitian who claims that eating tomatoes is hazardous to health, especially when eating during the noon time. Mark says that tomatoes are only good for health when eaten during the rainy days otherwise they only cause stones of all sorts including kidney and prostate stones.

Mark only uses taxis to travel although he is a self-made poker millionaire, check out pokerclub88 to make money like him. Mark says that he started hating car after learning that they are nothing but money pits, he owned Japanese cars – first Nissan, then Honda and lastly a Toyota, he owned European cars – first a Renault, then a Skoda, and lastly a Volkswagen. After owning and driving 6 different cars from 6 different manufacturers, Mark came to the conclusion that cars that perform well and are fun to drive aren’t reliable and the ones that are reliable are extremely boring to drive. Hence, Mark prefers cabs over his own car any day.

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