Siam Restaurateur changed his restaurant’s theme to Beetroot Red but he and his wife still bet at the same Sbobet Slot

Shawn Robster is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant owner from Siam, Thailand, who recently turned his one and only restaurant into a Red-Themed restaurant on his wife’s demand. He says that it is a real pity that the restaurants are more under pressure to update their interiors, etc than ever before. He really makes contradiction when he writes on his blog that he doesn’t care about what the rivals or the competition is doing. The competition is what gets him change the themes, interiors, etc of his restaurants so often at the first place.

Shawn and his wife pride themselves on the fact that their restaurant is more popular with the ladies than it is with the men.

Both Shawn and his wife love a game of sbobet bet every now and then and feel pity that there are no real life casinos in Thailand.

Shawn doesn’t believe in political correctness and that’s the reason why he had the guts to write on his blog that for the first time ever in the year, the Arabic customers are as good to the restaurant people generally as their western counterparts. He claims that they used to be extremely apathetic and rude before.

Shawn claims that the popularity of the Japanese food has always been the same at his restaurant but the Japanese Ramen Noodles that were once the most demanded dish at his restaurant aren’t even asked for nowadays.

Shawn also writes on his blog that the Dim-Sum was the most popular Chinese dish at his restaurant between 2009-2015, but for the past 5 years, its popularity has only been going down.

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