Deane Barker wishes if the Major Search Engine Employees were as polite as the Employees at Major Soccer Betting Websites

Deane Barker is a SEO and Internet expert from Lake County, South Dakota, who claims that no tool can beat the personal experience when it comes to the keyword evaluation of a small business. She says that the multi-generational family business owners are the kings of true keyword evaluation. She adds that nobody can tell secret keywords that are unknown for the tools and so-called SEO experts better than the multi-generational business owners, and these are not your ordinary keywords, these keywords bring in more sales than the most popular keywords sometimes.

Deane Barker writes that it doesn’t matter how polite you are to the major search engines, they are all going to treat you all alike if you are a small business, unlike the major soccer gambling websites, that treat all the small gamblers and big gamblers alike. Deane says that she doesn’t rely anyone or anything as much as her predictor soccer.

Deane Barker says that there are several free ranking monitor tools available in the market and if you don’t own hundreds of websites, you should go with the free ones as the paid ones are clearly overrated and overpriced. She believes that the only ranking monitors that are worth paying for are the ones that check multiple search engines simultaneously and show the historical trends as well.

Deane Barker writes that if a great-looking, first-page ranked website cannot bring you enough sales, sign-ups or orders, then you are in the wrong niche.

Deanne Barker also writes on her blog that it is always advisable and almost necessary to content-silo your website but you should not expect it to give you a great advantage over your competitors.

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