SEO Expert and eBook Author says he doesn’t need to charge money for his books as he makes enough using Football Prediction 2

Turan Torkan from Qom, Iran, is an author and SEO expert, who recently completed writing his free eBook on the Vikings. I have read the book and I really enjoyed it.

In his book, Turan writes that none of the available etymologies for the term Viking can be relied upon. He believes that they are all made-up by the fake historians.

Turan is surprised that the Vikings were never able to expand like their British, French, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese counterparts, although they were much braver, intelligent, daring and smart.

Turan writes in his book that it is a false notion that the Vikings would often kidnap foreign women for concubinage; He claims that they would rather kidnap those ladies for marriage.

Turan claims that the term ‘Viking’ was always limited to the Nordic people and it is a false notion that the term was used to refer to any pirate(s) by the Germanic tribes.

I also read a SEO eBook by Turan once, in which he wrote that if your website content is extra-short, it is always best practice to try to make it all posted through bullet points; if it is of medium size (1000-2500) words, then some bullet points and the rest in paragraph format is the best option and if your website content is long – 2500+ words, then it is best practice to post the important points in bulleted list and that too above ahead and the rest of the content in paragraph format below it.

Turan had also written in his SEO eBook that posting about the history of a multi-generational small or big business acts more positively for conversions than most would think just like he has been making more money with football betting using help of football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2).

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