An average Indian could have been as rich as an average Iranian if they had the best football betting site – Maryan Rouzbayani

Maryan Rouzbayani from Mashhad City, Iran, is a Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that small businesses in the second world countries have been showing almost as much interest in the SEO and Internet Marketing of their business as their first-world counterparts.

Maryan believes that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) doesn’t have adequate l;aws for the disabled people when it comes for them to do an online business or even surf online. She believes that they must make it mandatory for any website making over 750, 000 USD vocalize the description text, images text and other content on the website. She also believes that there is a lot of business potential hidden for anyone who would try to make internet a better place for the disabled people.

Maryan writes on her blog that whether you use underscores, periods, hyphens or spacesto separate words in your files, it doesn’t make any difference to your SEO. She writes that you must just focus on naming those appropriately rather than putting all your focus on petty things.

Maryan likes to study Indian politics and other things related to India and she believes that the nations of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia and Afghanistan will soon become a part of India to make Akhand Bharat and this will be initiated by none other than the current PM of India – Narendra Modi soon enough.

Maryan as been doing a major research on why the fossil of Pakistan and India are superior to any other for the past 6 months.

Maryan believes that the Indian Subcontinent could have been much richer if they had the best football betting site (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال) and understand the Persian language.

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