Makassar IM Expert cannot stop comparing Creative Web Apps to the Infamous Indonesian Judi Bola

Bukhari Hasan from Makassar, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who is infamous for making controversial posts on his blog, like once he claimed that he made more money with soccer gambling (judi bola) than he think he can ever make with his SEO business.

Bukhari writes that no more do the banner or imagine links have a higher click through rate compared to the text links. He claims that the text links and the banner links have almost the similar click through rate since November of 2014.

Bukhari claims that Creative Web Apps and How-To-Guides are the best sort of link magnets and some of the most popular at the moment just like soccer gambling (judi bola) is the most popular sort of online gambling in Indonesia at the moment.

Bukhari claims that contrary to the popular belief, link bait has been generating more traffic than the link magnets lately.

Bukhari writes that one of the first things that you need to do in order to generate traffic and conversions and links is to understand your target audience; Generating Info, Apps, Tools and Ideas are all secondary to that.

Bukhari claims that construction of link magnets requires a lot of hard work, but like in case of most things that require hard work, it really pays off. He writes that there are very few sorts of link magnets that can be developed with a little effort or hard-work and/or technological know-how and/or advancement and although they don’t generally bring in as much fruit as their difficult and more time-consuming counterparts, they are definitely worth giving a try, especially whjen you are new to the entire SEO thing, and in particular, the link magnet stuff.

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