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An average Indian could have been as rich as an average Iranian if they had the best football betting site – Maryan Rouzbayani

Maryan Rouzbayani from Mashhad City, Iran, is a Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that small businesses in the second world countries have been showing almost as much interest in the SEO and Internet Marketing of their business as their first-world counterparts. Maryan believes that the Americans with Disabilities […]

Deane Barker wishes if the Major Search Engine Employees were as polite as the Employees at Major Soccer Betting Websites

Deane Barker is a SEO and Internet expert from Lake County, South Dakota, who claims that no tool can beat the personal experience when it comes to the keyword evaluation of a small business. She says that the multi-generational family business owners are the kings of true keyword evaluation. She adds that nobody can tell […]

Siam Restaurateur changed his restaurant’s theme to Beetroot Red but he and his wife still bet at the same Sbobet Slot

Shawn Robster is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant owner from Siam, Thailand, who recently turned his one and only restaurant into a Red-Themed restaurant on his wife’s demand. He says that it is a real pity that the restaurants are more under pressure to update their interiors, etc than ever before. He really makes contradiction when he […]

Chief Operating Officer, Motivational Speaker, Gambling Lover, Author and Conspiracy Theorist, meet the all American Ivanka Jolie

Ivanka Jolie says that if she ever meets an extraordinarily person, most of the times they turn out to be a doctor, no matter which branch of medical field they are involved in – dentists, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, general practitioners, they are all boring. Ivanka also claims that some of the dumbest people that she met […]

Camila Scerri is a wonderful and charming businesswoman who might look scary or weird to some due to her weird beliefs

Camila Scerri gets rejoiced whenever she takes a glimpse of the gold bullions stored in her vault and she takes those glimpses quite too often. Camila is a successful baseball bat wholesaler who is so greedy that when once she traveled through a hijacked plane, she was more concerned about her personal belongings than her […]

This Israeli man living in India loves playing Fifa 55 online

Brody Katz has been living in India for the past 6 years due to business purposes. Considered a socially awkward person by many including his friends, relatives and sometimes even family, Brody today is one of the most socially successful people you have never met. He has been successfully socializing with Indians from many different […]

Transformed 1000 Dollars to 300000 Dollars within 100 Days

Edwina and Anushka are two friends who worked at Sheri’s Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada for over 4 years. Both the friends are young, Edwina is 24, while Anushka is 25. Anushka’s parents immigrated to the United States when she was only 4. Anushka’s father was an alcoholic and passed away when she was only […]

Top Internet Marketer from Carlsbad, CA, uses nothing but Printable Calendars on his walls

Benjamin Weiland is a full-time internet marketer from Carlsbad, California, who believes that Argentina has the best and the most underrated SEO talent. Benjamin claims to have met some of the female internet marketing experts while on a vacation to Argentina and he was amazed at how skilled and knowledgeable they were. Benjamin recently posted […]

Spiritual, wise, energetic, intelligent and courageous but couldn’t find a conventional method to be a millionaire

Kuwat Kong is an Indonesian businessman with several allies. Kuwat Kong’s father used to be one of the most favorite disciples of the popular lead pastor of GBI Rock Church, Ambon – Chris Manuel Manusama. Kuwat Kong himself is a very spiritual person partaking in several spiritual practices regularly. But more than spirituality, Kuwat loves […]

Just after 8 months of being broke, this Malaysian lady came up as a bigger success than ever and she owes it to one football betting agent

Som Commins went broke after her Suguna Pumps wholesaling and exporting business went bankrupt, but Som has always been the kind of a girl who never loses hope and her toughness and shrewdness combined really worked for her this time as well when she decided that the only thing that could make her rich again […]

Top NASA Scientist is addicted to Betway betting

Ranveig Oberoi is the proud owner of a bus coach-building business. She says that the best coach-builders ever were Thrupp & Moborly of England. Ranveig is a great believer in god and she claims that she talks to the god directly when she is all alone and in a meditative state. Ranveig says that the […]

Chane never wears the same dress again, thanks to the Safety Park

Chane Chorley never wears a dress the second time. Chane is way too thin and she loves it. Chane takes advantage of her petite size and wears nothing but a new and different dress by a Chinese seller on eBay everyday. Chane is married to a sex-crazy man who is Half-African and Half-Irish and his […]

Indonesian female conspiracy theorist claim that betting is against Satan and in the favor of the Holy Spirit

Gloria Esparragoza is one of the very few Indonesian female conspiracy theorists whose main subject of interest is the politics of the Indian subcontinent. Gloria claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism totally and she says that she feels embarrassed that the people of Indonesia once used to belong to this devilish religion.Gloria claims […]

Passionate neurologist is as passionate about exploring the brain as he is about exploring the world and different gambling styles

Dr Steve Johnson is a neurologist from South Jakarta, Indonesia who recently posted on his official neurology blog that depression has become more dangerous than the cancer lately. I don’t know whether Dr Steve Johnson made that statement due to emotions or what, there is no denying that chronic depression has been eating up lives […]

Cuban restaurant owner from Hat Yai has been learning Hebrew but he still reads Thai gambling blogs only

Kenjiehiro Nakamura owns a successful Cuban restaurant in the city of Hat Yai in Thailand. Kenjiehiro is also a blogger and he writes about almost everything on his popular blog. Kenjiehiro recently wrote that the waiters at his Cuban restaurant receive great tips for a restaurant in Hat Yai, Thailand. Kenjiehiro brags on his blog […]