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Top Internet Marketer from Carlsbad, CA, uses nothing but Printable Calendars on his walls

Benjamin Weiland is a full-time internet marketer from Carlsbad, California, who believes that Argentina has the best and the most underrated SEO talent. Benjamin claims to have met some of the female internet marketing experts while on a vacation to Argentina and he was amazed at how skilled and knowledgeable they were. Benjamin recently posted […]

Spiritual, wise, energetic, intelligent and courageous but couldn’t find a conventional method to be a millionaire

Kuwat Kong is an Indonesian businessman with several allies. Kuwat Kong’s father used to be one of the most favorite disciples of the popular lead pastor of GBI Rock Church, Ambon – Chris Manuel Manusama. Kuwat Kong himself is a very spiritual person partaking in several spiritual practices regularly. But more than spirituality, Kuwat loves […]

Just after 8 months of being broke, this Malaysian lady came up as a bigger success than ever and she owes it to one football betting agent

Som Commins went broke after her Suguna Pumps wholesaling and exporting business went bankrupt, but Som has always been the kind of a girl who never loses hope and her toughness and shrewdness combined really worked for her this time as well when she decided that the only thing that could make her rich again […]

Top NASA Scientist is addicted to Betway betting

Ranveig Oberoi is the proud owner of a bus coach-building business. She says that the best coach-builders ever were Thrupp & Moborly of England. Ranveig is a great believer in god and she claims that she talks to the god directly when she is all alone and in a meditative state. Ranveig says that the […]

Chane never wears the same dress again, thanks to the Safety Park

Chane Chorley never wears a dress the second time. Chane is way too thin and she loves it. Chane takes advantage of her petite size and wears nothing but a new and different dress by a Chinese seller on eBay everyday. Chane is married to a sex-crazy man who is Half-African and Half-Irish and his […]

Indonesian female conspiracy theorist claim that betting is against Satan and in the favor of the Holy Spirit

Gloria Esparragoza is one of the very few Indonesian female conspiracy theorists whose main subject of interest is the politics of the Indian subcontinent. Gloria claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism totally and she says that she feels embarrassed that the people of Indonesia once used to belong to this devilish religion.Gloria claims […]

Passionate neurologist is as passionate about exploring the brain as he is about exploring the world and different gambling styles

Dr Steve Johnson is a neurologist from South Jakarta, Indonesia who recently posted on his official neurology blog that depression has become more dangerous than the cancer lately. I don’t know whether Dr Steve Johnson made that statement due to emotions or what, there is no denying that chronic depression has been eating up lives […]

Cuban restaurant owner from Hat Yai has been learning Hebrew but he still reads Thai gambling blogs only

Kenjiehiro Nakamura owns a successful Cuban restaurant in the city of Hat Yai in Thailand. Kenjiehiro is also a blogger and he writes about almost everything on his popular blog. Kenjiehiro recently wrote that the waiters at his Cuban restaurant receive great tips for a restaurant in Hat Yai, Thailand. Kenjiehiro brags on his blog […]

Family Hospital owner from Little India, Singapore warns his patients against the TCM and Ayurveda as much as he advises them to use Data SGP

Dr Isaac Relyea is not an Indian but he owns and operates a family hospital in the Little India neighborhood of Singapore. Dr Isaac is very outspoken and passionate about his profession and this should be evident from his family hospital’s blog where he writes all the posts by himself. Dr Isaac claims that Chronic […]

Italian Saint Thomas Aquinas lover from Bangkok city believes that Saint Thomas Aquinas never refrained his followers from gambling

Michael Leone is a Thai citizen who owns and operates a multicuisine restaurant in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Bangkok city that offers nothing but unique dishes that are not found in any other restaurant in the world. Michael is very proud of this fact and so is his family. Michael’s wife is […]

Visa Consultant learnt Hindi while in India but he still bets on Indonesian websites

Jordan Bush is a visa consultant who had the misfortune for living in India for 3 years where he noticed lots of pessimism, laziness, religious and non-religious superstitions and other negative qualities among people, especially the lower-middle income, lower income and middle-income households. Jordan saw a family in India whose members were all 40+ years […]

Dermatologist advises her blog visitors to bet on UFABet regularly in order to have a healthier skin

Kala Spears is a dermatologist who has been practicing independently in the city of Nonthaburi, Thailand for the past 14 years now. Kala believes that the dermatologists haven’t been fulfilling their social responsibility by giving out as much free information to the common people and victims of skin diseases and that’s why she decided to […]

Indonesian gentleman of British origin makes full-time living with writing conspiracy theories and gambling online

Brent Edwards is an British-Indonesian gentleman who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years. Brent experimented in East Jakarta with an English language school having the cheapest language classes for kids in the town where TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) students were required to teach to the actual pre-teen students as […]

Home Theater manufacturer has been debunking magic and winning lotteries

Karina Holm owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing audio and video products, especially for the home theater systems for the past 2 years. Their main products include Active Crossovers, Optimized Amplifiers, Protection Circuitry, Room Response Controls and Directivity Control Waveguide. Karina’s company claims to be the one-stop shop for all your audio […]