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Family Hospital owner from Little India, Singapore warns his patients against the TCM and Ayurveda as much as he advises them to use Data SGP

Dr Isaac Relyea is not an Indian but he owns and operates a family hospital in the Little India neighborhood of Singapore. Dr Isaac is very outspoken and passionate about his profession and this should be evident from his family hospital’s blog where he writes all the posts by himself.

Dr Isaac claims that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is thought of as a symptom in some progressive countries by the common people. Dr Isaac writes that the doctors who tell the patients that it is a progressive and dangerous disease, are looked down upon as frauds and if the condition gets worse, they visit a homeopathic doctor who unable to treat or cure it, makes things even worse.

Dr Isaac recently made a post on his blog mentioning how he has been working very hard to find a cure for the acute bronchitis. He mentioned all the steps that he has taken by now for the same.

Dr Isaac also recently made a post telling how at his hospital, respiratory diseases have killed more people than the heart diseases. He gave an analogy that it is just like how more millionaires have been made with Data SGP than anything else in the recent times.

Dr Isaac writes that there is no denying that arthoscopy is a low risk procedure but he believes that a human’s being’s joints deserve much better than something like arthoscopy and he really hopes that a panel of topmost doctors somewhere in the world will come up with something more revolutionary, effective and fast.

Dr Isaac never gets tired of thanking the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda enough for increasing the number of patients of family hospitals and independent practitioners. Dr Isaac warns the visitors on his blog to stay away from the TCM and Ayurveda.

Snack Bar owner from Seoul understood the true importance of accepting cards through online betting

Greg Hill has been owning and managing a snack bar in the Gangseo-gu neighborhood of the Seoul city in South Korea for the past 11 years now.

Greg Hill writes on the official blog of his snack bar that they make the best homemade jam that you have never had and their homemade jam is responsible for earning them more referrals than anything else, including the newspaper ads and the magazine ads that they regularly publish.

Greg writes that the tea is gaining more popularity for a long time now and that’s the reason why Greg’s snack bar has recently started serving imported Chinese green tea as well.

Greg’s snack bar used to be cash-only until about 2 years ago. It is when Greg started betting online on 먹튀, that he understood the true power, value and importance of accepting cards at his restaurant.

They don’t serve fish in the breakfast as Greg personally believes that eating fish as the first thing in the morning is unhealthy, his younger brother who is a co-owner, feels the opposite though, but Greg has been taking advantage of being an elder here.

Greg claims to have the cleanest bathroom compared to any snack bar in the entire Seoul city and he also claims to have visited each and every snack bar that is in the Seoul city.

Greg claims that they have a great retention rate for the lemonades and mocktails that they serve at his snack bar.

They also serve some trademarked hamburgers and hot dogs at Greg’s snack bar.

Greg’s snack bar has both indoor and outdoor seating facility available

Greg’s wife has several times done homemade toast and strawberry jam as the first thing for Greg’s snack bar.

Chinese Restaurant owner from Norwood, Boston only uses the same Sbobet Partner each time

Oliver Baldy is the proud owner of a Chinese restaurant in the heart of Norwood, Boston. On his blog, Oliver claims that their food is as good when delivered as it is when you eat it at the restaurant itself. The reviews for Oliver’s restaurant on different websites confirm this claim.

Oliver also claims that his is one of the most hygienic Chinese restaurants to eat in all of Boston, again many of the reviews on Google Places confirm this.

Oliver’s restaurant has the same food options available in the breakfast, lunch and dinner and although the competitors do the opposite, they carry different food items for different times of the day, Oliver prides himself and his restaurant on serving the same dishes throughout the day, just like he prides himself on using the same Partner Agen Sbobet all the time.

Oliver writes on his blog that husband and wife couples are the most frequent at his restaurant and again this thing also makes him feel good.

Oliver’s restaurant serves some of the most innovative dishes that you never heard before, these dishes are made of the combination of Italian food with Chinese food, Indian food with Chinese food and Iranian food with Chinese food. The dishes have gained quite a lot of popularity in a short span of time and the customers do nothing but appreciate these.

Oliver writes on his blog that roughly 20% of the customers at his restaurant come only for the Chicken Manchow soup.

Oliver’s most recent blog post was about how it has only been 4 months since they started serving peking duck and most of the positive reviews on different websites belonging to Oliver’s restaurant are regarding that only.

Italian Saint Thomas Aquinas lover from Bangkok city believes that Saint Thomas Aquinas never refrained his followers from gambling

Michael Leone is a Thai citizen who owns and operates a multicuisine restaurant in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Bangkok city that offers nothing but unique dishes that are not found in any other restaurant in the world. Michael is very proud of this fact and so is his family. Michael’s wife is a chef and she is the one who gave this idea to Michael.

Michael is a blogger as well and his blog is not limited to the dishes, restaurants or foods. Being an Italian, Michael has a huge respect for the Italian priests like Saint Thomas Aquinas and his most recent post was wholly dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Michael wrote that looking at the portfolio of Saint Thomas Aquinas and what he did in his short 49 years of life, it is quite obvious that they should make a separate category by the name ‘Catholic Polymaths’ which will feature Catholic super-priests like Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Michael considers Saint Thomas Aquinas to be the most important Doctor of the Church and wonders what could he have done if his life were longer than 49 years.

Michael writes that when Saint Thomas Aquinas mentioned so many times about the religion of Islam in his book – Summa contra Gentiles, that’s the time when most of his followers discovered that he even takes Islam as something serious, otherwise they all believed that the only religion that he took serious other than Christianity was Judaism. But again, Saint Thomas Aquinas’ taking Islam as something serious besides Judaism is kind of obvious as Islam is also a sort of continuity of Judaism.

Michael believes that gambling is not prohibited in any religion except a few pagan ones and that’s the reason why he always looks for a safe playground (안전놀이터) to gamble at.

East Jakarta’s Language School Owner believes that the Messiahs were all for Gambling and Betting

David Malik owns an Indonesian language school in East Jakarta which is unique in a way that it is perhaps the only Indonesian language school in the city of East Jakarta where 100% of the students are immigrants.

David also has a great command in the English language and being a blogger, he runs many blogs that are completely written in English language.

David is also writing a book about the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo which will be available in both Indonesian and English.

David has already released several excerpts from his book on his blog. David writes that the rejection of Saint Augustine by John Romanides and George Papademetriou is completely stupid and baseless. He writes that it looks like these two fellows had the hobby of criticizing everything they came in contact with. David writes that in no way is the St Augustine’s metaphysics related to Pagan mysticism.

David doesn’t quite agree with St Augustine’s belief that enslavement is the punishment of sin. David writes that going by that logic, Visigoths should have been slaves throughout as they were some of the greatest sinners on the planet earth and the sins that they committed included some of the things that the worst of the Romans couldn’t even imagine doing.

David writes that St Augustine always believed that Jesus Christ didn’t come to the earth any sooner because the mankind wasn’t wise and intelligent enough before to understand his message.

David believes that gambling wasn’t made by any Saint, Prophet or Messiah as prohibited but it is the very normal people that decided to do it and that’s the reason why David doesn’t leave a chance of enjoying JasaBola ever because he doesn’t abide by the rules laid down by the common people.

Technopreneur has her most favorite casino website’s name tatted on her arm

Valentina Shol is an entrepreneur who has been running a company that provides automation solutions, products and apps to businesses and residences that saves their time, makes them feel more secure and at ease, for the past 7 years now.

Valentina rather likes to call herself a technopreneur and although her business has been doing great since the time of its inception, she still believes that the industry is very much underrated in Russia.

Valentina is also a blogger as well. She has been studying the religion called Hinduism for quite some time now and she recently wrote a long article stating how mythical the religion called Hinduism is.

Valentina believes that Hinduism is the distorted and exaggerated version of the Judaism and the writer of the epic Mahabharata – Vyasa was a Jew as well. Valentina believes that the Kashmiri Pandits of India are Jews.

Valentina wrote that Vyasa was a unique Jew in a way that he believed in the reincarnation and maybe, he used it as a metaphor just like he did by telling the Hindus that the Universe is a cyclic phenomenon.

Valentina writes that the funniest myth that she finds about the Hinduism is the myth that they created stating that the Hindu God – Ganesha wrote the epic called Mahabharata while Vyasa narrated it.

Valentina loves betting and she is extremely open about it. She even has the name of her favorite website – , tatted on her arm and she says that there is no way that she is ever going to remove it.

Real Estate Developer from New Zealand wants to have the name of online casinos written everywhere in his new creation

David Mason is a New Zealand based Real Estate developer who is also a great fan of the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City and its protagonist – Tommy Vercetti. He is creating a township and naming it Vice City, the most stunning thing about this township is that it has neon everywhere. David is also a lover of nzd online casinos and he claims that each and every wall of his township will have the name of a reliable online casino written on it.

David recently made a trip to India where he noticed that nobody has a toothbrush mustache in India anymore because they consider the same to be a symbol of British slavery as most British officials in India back then used to have toothbrush mustache.

David claims to have met a Muslim who told him that Rabbi Meir Kehane was the real Dajjal and now nobody needs to fear the end times as the Dajjal has already been killed. David personally doesn’t believe that we are living in the end times or there is such a thing as ‘the end times’ or ‘Antichrist’ or ‘Dajjal’, but he was really astonished at that person’s confidence.

David believes that the media and the government in a collaboration wants to turn the youth of the world into a loser and that’s what they have been doing for decades and decades, he claims. David claims that the media and government in a collaboration, only promote dancers like Vaslav Nijinsky, that are sexual perverts and pro-masturbation.

David claims that the name Red Sea has its origin in the blood and most of the bloodshed in the history surrounding the place happened around the Red Sea only.

One of the oldest online dispute resolution company owner herself seeks a safe playground when it comes to betting

Jules Gyoh owns one of the oldest online dispute resolution company in South Korea. Jules is a blogger as well and she is an ardent lover of philosophy too. Jules has read every material about Rene Descartes that she could find and I am presenting in this post some of what she wrote.

Jules writes that anybody who has read Rene Descartes thoroughly will tell you that he was his own person and not a follower. She writes that although he believed in stoicism, he loved freedom as well and this should be evident from many of his actions and decisions.

Jules claims that many philosophers including UG Krishnamurti, OSHO and others derived their idea of ‘No final ends’ that goes completely against the Teleology from Descartes but they won’t tell it because they are too arrogant to admit that what they claim to have personally observed first came from a French philosopher that was Pro-Colonialism.

Jules claims that Descartes joined the army because he wanted to die and he wanted to kill before he dies and he didn’t want to commit direct suicide either.

Jules writes that it is really sad how the western philosophy has been losing its significance continuously for the past 100 years. She claims that the things got worse after the Indian gurus came into the picture during the 1960s. Jules writes that most of these gurus have proven to be frauds including the ones from the Hare Krishna Movement but the innocent White people couldn’t care less and still fall for them.

More than philosophy, Jules loves Safe Playground (안전놀이터) and that’s where she must be logged in at right now.

The founder of one of the most revolutionary technologies is amazed at the Bitcoin Gambling App

Velotuder is a recently inaugurated electric-assist Velomobile company that has created a revolutionary Velomobile that can accommodate four and reach the maximum speed of 110 miles per hour.

The founder of the Velotuder claims that the others are also trying to create one product like he did but they have all been failing due to one reason or another. The founder claims that the company that is closest to theirs is the one that has created a Velomobile that can seat only 2, is going to cost a fortune to the buyer and has extremely uncomfortable pedals.

The founder further says that the other rivals no matter how many can they seat that are for sale or not for sale yet are not even 10% as safe as Velotuder.

The founder of Velotuder claims that their product is completely unique in the way that it keeps the rider’s energy contribution stable all the time.

The founder of Velotuder claims that their velomobile has the best pedal system found in any velomobile and even some of the best bicycles that cost tens of thousand of dollars each. He also adds that their product is also unique in another way that the battery doesn’t eat up all the power that the rider makes when it is moving; He says that it only eats up 50% of it when it is moving and 0% when it is stationary.

The founder of Velotuder also says that comparing their product to something like Raht Racer would be absurd as Velotuder is very SUV type and Raht Racer is very motorcycle type although they are very much alike in many different ways.

Each of the 4 passengers (including the one sitting at the driver’s seat) can ride the pedals of the Velotuder and that’s the reason why it is almost equivalent to the size of a Volvo XC40.

The founder of Velotuder recently downloaded Bitcoin Gambling App and he says that he believes that it is a better invention than the Velotuder itself.

Those who can speak, read and write Indonesian, only trust Indonesian gambling websites

Alper Khashoggi is an Indonesian blogger from the city of West Jakarta in Indonesia who recently wrote a very lengthy post on the hackers and the future of hacking recently. In his blog post, Alper wrote that although the hackers have gone extremely smart in the recent times and they can now break in the websites that they earlier couldn’t, there is still no denying that the security plugins, security system and other similar features are even smarter now and with all the recent developments in the online security arena now, the hacking industry and even the top hackers are uncertain about what their future is going to be like.

Alper is not a Christian but he has always been obsessed with Jesus of Nazareth aka Jesus Christ aka Jesus the Messiah aka Jesus the son of God. In one of her blog posts, Alper wrote that if you believe that Jesus didn’t exist historically, then you may also believe that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the first Pope ever and you may also be a ‘flat earther’ which is not the case with the people that deny the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, usually.

Alper says that they should have chosen another name for the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. ‘Good Friday’ sounds completely awkward to her and she cannot understand how can the people that have faith in Jesus Christ stand this name. But she says that if the believers of Jesus can irrationally believe that Jesus was the son of god even after they succeeded in crucifying him although he kept on asking for the help, they can believe anything, she adds.

Alper is an avid fan of betting online and she knows the name of almost all the trusted betting pokerqq websites that are out there in the Indonesian language.

Pathologist from Medan loves betting online and she does it only on trusted websites

Adile Birdal is a pathologist from the city called Marmaris in Turkey. Adile has a very popular blog on pathology where she writes very interesting posts, sometimes even those that do not have anything to do with the pathology.

Adile writes on her blog that one of the ways to get nothing but positive reviews for your pathology is to treat your patients like persons, not numbers which she says quite doesn’t happen on most of the pathologies of Turkey.

Adile says that seeing so many patients fear needles all day long has really made her consider to innovate something other than the needles for the blood test. She says that we have advanced a lot in almost every other arena but this is one where we still lag far behind.

Adile writes that a patient shouldn’t trust a pathology that doesn’t offer refund.

Adile says that she really wants to do something about the standards of biopsy in the 3rd world countries, especially the Indian subcontinent. Adile says that she has seen videos of the pathologists in India performing biopsy on the floor and has heard horrible stories that really gave her goosebumps.

Adile further says that there is no specialization among the pathologists of the third world countries. She says that there is no such thing as a hematologist or a microbiologist there.

Adile says that she cannot even imagine about a pathology clinic that can survite without providing a prompt turnaround time. Adile claims that she has always been providing prompt service to the patients and that’s the foremost reason behind her pathology’s success.

Adile loves football betting online and she does it on websites that are some of the most popular and trusted (Bandar Judi Bola Terpercaya).

This Poet loves Tao Yuanming as much as he does online card gambling

Santi Carzola is a great fan of poetry and he recently created a free eBook on the life and death of one of his ancient Chinese poetic heroes – Tao Yuanming aka Tao Qian.

In his book, Santi mentions that there were times when Tao Qian wouldn’t take a bath for months as he felt nauseated and feared ghosts in the bathroom. Santi claims that the fear of ghosts would sometimes be enough for Tao Yuanming to leave his love for the solitude and poetry and go back to his old military job but then out of the fear of what others would say and think about him, he would not have the courage to go back to his old ways.

Santi claims that Tao Yuanming had Idiopathic Scoliosis from a very young age, perhaps since the time he reached puberty but it wasn’t recognized as a disease, illness or disorder back in his day and this caused him a lot of problem and suffering during his military service and each of his 5 sons inherited the same from him but to a lesser degree. Santi claims that the asymmetry in Tao’s body can be seen in any of his statues.

Santi claims that Tao Qian secretly believed in the evolution and in order to not look weird or stupid, he never told the same to anybody. The only thing that you can check to believe that he really believed in evolution is to read his poems and the reality will be in front of you.

Santi got an idea to write this book on the life of Tao Qian aka Tao Yuanming after someone on a gambling discord mentioned to him that he should after learning his love for Tao Yuanming. SantI loves online card gambling (judi kartu online) as much as he does Tao Yuanming and he has also mentioned this in his free eBook.

Visa Consultant learnt Hindi while in India but he still bets on Indonesian websites

Jordan Bush is a visa consultant who had the misfortune for living in India for 3 years where he noticed lots of pessimism, laziness, religious and non-religious superstitions and other negative qualities among people, especially the lower-middle income, lower income and middle-income households.

Jordan saw a family in India whose members were all 40+ years of age and they blamed a stepbrother for all their problems although he had nothing to do with it. They claimed that he and his wife do black magic on them to keep them backwards. Jordan claims that this very family used to take Namkeen as their supper which is one of the unhealthiest things that you can eat.

Jordan says that on one hand India talks about being the most secular nation on the face of earth and on the other hand it promotes the kings who that fought and killed hundreds of Indian Hindus just because they were in the army of a Muslim king. Jordan says that India’s hypocrisy about being secular is greater than that of the US about being peaceful.

Jordan believes that there is no judgement day, only the last day and you must live everyday thinking like it is your last.

While in India, Jordan learnt the Hindi language influenced by the Hindi songs by the late singers Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Saigal and others. As soon as he became fluent in the Hindi language, he created a documentary on perhaps the most popular Hindi singer of all time – Lata Mangeshkar aka ‘The Nightingale of India’. One of the things that Jordan has mentioned about Lata Mangeshkar in his documentary which no Indian ever dared say is that Lata Mangeshkar would have been another singer if she didn’t achieve fluency in so many languages from the Indian subcontinent and sung in those languages as well. She has sung over 300 songs in some of the regional languages, which is incredible.

Jordan’s favorite pastime while he was in India and even today is betting. He has a huge list of trusted Indonesian gambling agents (Agen Bola Terpercaya) saved at different places which is really worth seeing.

Bogor’s SEO expert relies completely on Bandar Sakong for part-time income

Zach Grenier is a SEO expert from the city of Bogor in Indonesia whose blog is extremely popular in Indonesia for extraordinarily outspoken, knowledgeable and interesting posts.

On his blog, Zach says that although the population of India is almost as 7 times as that of the Pakistan, the number of SEO experts in both the countries is almost the same which is funny because both the countries got independence on almost the same day, month and the year and both have almost the same culture as well.

Zach recently met this so-called SEO expert who claimed that he has ranked over 1000 websites on the MSN search engine but none on the Google. Zach was surprised to see that people are still interested in getting their websites ranked on MSN but then he told Zach that all of those websites were his own.

On his blog, Zach advises that if some SEO agency or individual expert tells you that they don’t believe in competing with others then don’t go for them as they don’t know what they are talking about. Zach says that a SEO agency is not a complete SEO agency if it doesn’t believe in competing with others, he further says that competition is the integral part of a SEO agency.

Zach says that more clients now prefer to create their websites all by themselves through WordPress and other such platforms than ever before because of the website creation fraud and other related stuff that has happened in the recent past.

Zach has been relying completely on Bandar sakong for the part time income for a while and he claims to have won tens of thousands of dollars within a very short span of time with the same.

Online gambling industry is really growing up at a supersonic speed

Lesley Ilves owns a very popular SEO agency in the heart of Surabaya city in Indonesia. Lesley has a blog completely dedicated to the SEO, its future and everything related to it which is even more popular than Lesley’s SEO company itself.

On his blog, Lesley says that Google should learn a thing or a two from Bing’s image search. Lesley says that Bing’s image search never shows explicit and violent images until and unless you ask for the same, but unfortunately, with Google you can never be sure of the same no matter how many filters you use.

Lesley says that he is more than glad that almost each search engine except a few now understands the searcher better now than ever before which used not be the case when even brands like Ask used to be considered one of the topmost search brands and Metacafe was on par with the Youtube.

Lesley has always been extremely critical of the Youtubers and claims that the most famous of the advisers on almost each topic on the Youtube are charlatans that only know how to get on the top of the Youtube manipulating it with fake views, likes, subscribers and comments. Lesley adds that if you follow these guys, then good luck to you.

Lesley believes that many people are taking Google and other search engine’s futuristic view of personalization way too far and although Google is going to improve over time, it is not going to happen with a supersonic speed.

The only thing that Lesley believes happened with a supersonic speed is the progress of the online gambling industry and AgenQQ.

IBCBet freaks are usually unafraid of the society just like Akbar Honoris

Akbar Honoris is an Indonesian author and blogger from the city of Makassar.

Akbar recently made a trip to India where he noticed that in India, the name Sulekha is extremely popular and one of the most popular and oldest websites in India is also named Sulekha and it is named after the daughter of the founder’s. Akbar personally believes that this owner and founder of the Sulekha website knows the origin of the name Sulekha. The name Sulekha is a distorted version of the Persian name ‘Zulaikha’. The name Zulaikha is first used in the Persian language to refer to the wife of the Egyptian Palace Guard – Potiphar.

Akbar further says that the Indians don’t like to read and write much, if they did, they will never keep that name as they are extremely conservative about their daughters and highly superstitious as well.

In one of his blog posts, Akbar has mentioned that Potiphor’s wife’s lust had more to do with Potiphor’s impotence than with Joseph’s charm, good looks and magnificence. Akbar claims that Potiphor tried every aphrodisiac available at that time in the Egypt and surrounding areas but nothing worked. Akbar even claims that someone told Potiphor that they manufacture a medicine that really works in the Indian subcontinent and that has cured some of the men in their 70s of their impotence; Potiphor was extremely desperate to buy that medicine but he couldn’t because the Pharaoh wouldn’t let him go to India and Potiphor was extremely hesitant to tell him and no trader either came to Egypt from India who would sell those ayurvedic medicines.

Akbar recently published a list of trusted IBCBET websites on his blog (Daftar Ibcbet) and he is never afraid of what the society thinks about him.

Dermatologist advises her blog visitors to bet on UFABet regularly in order to have a healthier skin

Kala Spears is a dermatologist who has been practicing independently in the city of Nonthaburi, Thailand for the past 14 years now. Kala believes that the dermatologists haven’t been fulfilling their social responsibility by giving out as much free information to the common people and victims of skin diseases and that’s why she decided to start a blog completely dedicated to dermatology about 2 years ago.

Living in Thailand almost all her life, Kala has come to the conclusion that in the third-world countries, they don’t even think of psoriasis as something serious whereas in the first-world countries, they take untreated psoriasis as the end of their world.

Kala advises that a patient should never trust a dermatologist having a bad skin himself/herself. Kala claims that each and every expert dermatologist that she ever met whether be a male or a female, had a skin to die for and if a dermatologist cannot take care of his/her own skin, how can you expect him/her to take care of yours.

Kala also advises to her blog visitors that they should never bother with dermatologists or skin clinics that refer to their patients as customers. Kala believes that customer is an unethical term in the medical world and seeing several dermatologists and dentists using the same put her in a state of depression. What surprises Kala even more is that many of these dentists and dermatologists have more than 10 branches. Kala is surprised that nobody tells these dentists and dermatologists about how unethical they sound when they refer to the patient as a customer.

Kala says that it is good in a way that nobody tells them that they are using an unethical term as the prudent and shrewd patient will know just by a glimpse of their website that he/she is visiting a specialist who sees his/her patient as nothing but a ‘money bringing customer’.

Kala claims that having adrenaline rush in a healthy way improves the texture and complexion of the skin and sometimes can even alleviate some skin health problems. Kala advises all her visitors to bet on UFAbet regularly to have an adrenaline rush in a healthy way as the chances of winning on UFAbet are very high and it is extreme fun too.

Indonesian gentleman of British origin makes full-time living with writing conspiracy theories and gambling online

Brent Edwards is an British-Indonesian gentleman who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years. Brent experimented in East Jakarta with an English language school having the cheapest language classes for kids in the town where TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) students were required to teach to the actual pre-teen students as a form of practice. After some months, Brent came to the conclusion that his idea was definitely cost efficient but not as polished or effective and he finally decided to shut it down.

Brent has been making a living as a conspiracy theorist blogger and full time gambler with a thing for Football Gambling (Judi Bola) ever since.

Brent claims that the so-called Islamic Preacher – Zakir Naik is a Hindu Brahmin agent in disguise and the Indian government seizing and confiscating all his real estate was a move to save him from the right-wing Hindu organizations. Brent claims that Zakir Naik has been paid twice as much the amount of money in his Swiss Bank account and he is living lavishly in Malaysia as well where he hires Punjabi-Indian and Russian escorts regularly – at least twice a week.

Brent says that instead of calling USSR or Russia – The White Bear, we should call it a huge crocodile. Brent says that it would be better if Russia changes its national animal to the crocodile as well.

Brent is not a practicing Catholic but he is a great fan of the Catholic teachings on purity and chastity. Brent believes that chastity/celibacy/purity keeps a man feel and look young. Brent also claims that the reason why men die earlier than their female counterparts is that they lose a lot of their essence during sex and that’s what causes so many diseases to them and makes them die sooner than their female counterparts on an average.

Brent says that the reason why some men look their best in their late 50s and early 60s is that they lose all interest in the sexual activity by that age.

Harper Gul used to believe that bitcoin was a scam until came across Assured Recover

Harper Gul is a 46 year old gentleman who was born and raised in the city of Chicago in California and still lives and owns his small AC repair business there. Harper believes that it is a very silly idea in the AC repair business to give analogies related to the auto industry or others just like many other in his business do. Harper says that he was lucky enough to realize this very early on and fortunately enough, he didn’t have to pay enough price due to the same.

Harper says that most of his business comes through the word of mouth referrals or from Google Maps and Yelp as his business has tons of positive feedback on both the sites.

Harper is a conspiracy theorist as well who claims that the Kingpins of the NWO (New World Order) aka the Illuminati are going to target the Taiwan after they are completely done with their business of taking over the North Korea as a part of their containment of China policy. Harper claims that they are already more than half done with their North Korean business and the Taiwan is not far away.

Harper was scammed about 2 months ago by an online Forex trading company for his bitcoins after which he started believing that both bitcoin and Forex are a scam but his view totally changed after a company that goes by the name Assured Recover came to the rescue and successfully recover money lost to binary options.

Harper also claims and believes that soon enough all the Scandinavian countries will all become one including Finland and this region will be a far greater economy than any other in all of Europe including Germany. Harper says that we shouldn’t be surprised if their economy becomes as large as that of all the Eastern European countries combined.

Khon Kaen Oncologist believes that playing baccarat regularly keeps the cancer away

Karen Hay is an Oncologist from the city of Khon Kaen in Thailand who firmly believes that there is a lot of scope for good oncologists in the nation of Malta and she also claims to have received offers for working in Malta for a salary much higher than most of the oncologists in Europe.

Karen believes that they should only allow silent movies in the cancer hospitals as there is no one way of determining what volume will cause what result in different TV channels and sometimes the patients and their guests don’t even follow that and even if they do, sometimes that can also prove to be fatal for the patient.

As an Oncologist herself, Karen believes that hospitals that have space constraints must definitely be avoided no matter how good the doctors there are.

Karen has a brother who is a restaurateur and Karen claims that one of the places that restaurant owners really overlook is the hospitals. Karen advises that if you are new to the restaurant business, then establishing a restaurant near a popular hospital is really a great idea. She says that the rent is going to be higher though and it is very likely that the parking space will most likely be next to none but you are not going to regret it.

Karen believes that staying happy all the time is one way to never catch cancer in your life and that is the reason why she regularly plays that good old game of baccarat (บาคาร่า) in order to keep herself happy all the time.

Sport betting millionaire from Jeju doesn’t hire handymen for nothing

Giselle Sung is the only woman owner of a handyman services company in the entire province of Jeju in South Korea. Giselle is extremely outspoken about her business and the blog on her website is full of unconventional information about the business.

Giselle claims that the bathroom sink installation is the most required service in the residential areas of South Korea although there is no mention of this anywhere on any website of South Korea except Giselle’s website.

Giselle says that hiring both new or experienced handymen has its own advantage. Giselle says that the experienced handymen do their job quickly and well whereas the new handymen are very likely to offer extras and give you special discount in return for the positive feedback on the internet.

Giselle says that furniture assembly services are back in trend again after a long break

Giselle claims that every handyman prefers to provide services to the commercial clients over the residential ones as they are more comprehensive and more used to the handyman services.

Giselle claims that competitive prices are not a thing of this day and age if a handyman service provider wants to survive in the business; She believes that a handyman service provider needs to charge the least possible otherwise the chances for the survival in the business are next to none.

Giselle claims that most of the people don’t hire handymen because they don’t have the required time but because they don’t like doing the kind of stuff required, especially the bathroom/sanitation related. One of Giselle’s good friends win enough money with online sport betting (먹튀검증) to pay for a new house each year and she is the one who told Giselle that she has enough time as she doesn’t work but she keeps on calling handymen from her for all the new stuff that she buys because she doesn’t like to assemble or repair things herself.

Real Estate agent from Changwon is extremely outspoken about his obsession with gambling websites

Cable Gwak owns a very popular real estate agency in a plush neighborhood of Changwon city. Cable has a very popular blog on the very popular official website of his very popular real estate agency where he keeps posting interesting stuff all the time.

Cable claims that pastel and neon colors are back in the trend when it comes to furnishings and interiors and they currently account for 65% of the sales in furnishings and interiors at the moment.

Cable claims that Scandinavian minimalism is out of trend now and other long lost trends are gaining the sales and reputation again.

Cable recently sold a house that had all interior made up of leather and Cable cannot emphasize enough on how spectacular it looked to him.

Cable says that some buyers are really incorrigible and it is always the best choice to stay away from those if you are an independent real estate agent.

Cable claims that more and more parents are now putting the comfort and priorities of their kids above their own while buying or renting a home than ever before and lesser people than ever before in the past 4 decades are now interested in buying a house on mortgage.

Cable claims that it has become outdated now to look environment conscious when you are certainly not. Cable says that a very small percentage of the ones that don’t have a million dollar incomes are now able to maintain a huge lawn/garden at their homes. Cable claims that only the real environmentalists nowadays care enough about maintaining a garden/lawn at their homes.

Cable says that only one industry other than real estate industry has ever been able to fascinate him and this industry is gambling industry. Cable is extremely outspoken about his obsession with different gambling websites, one of those is 안전놀이터

Passionate motel owner is even more passionate about online gambling

Putrea Khiev is the owner of one of the most professional motels that I have ever been to. The motel has a blog on its official website where Putrea herself writes a post each Saturday. Putrea’s motel doesn’t allow pets and they claim that they will never allow pets at her motel no matter what.

Putrea’s claims that her motel staff always keeps the Television, WiFi and Air Conditioner in perfect condition; Well it was all perfect in the room that I stayed at so I really Putrea when she says that.

Putrea says that one of the most overlooked features in most of the motels is safety and another one is the quality of food. I can attest that both food and safety are top notch at Putrea’s motel.

One thing that I loved about Putrea’s motel is that they always keep the rooms smelling nice and refreshed at her motel and they have an array of different rooms for smokers which they keep refreshed with the cigarette deodorants as well.

Putrea claims that she personally reads each and every review posted on her Motel’s Google Maps page and she doesn’t trust any other source for providing reliable reviews because she believes that it is extremely easy for a competitor to spam those with negative comments with fake accounts against any business.

Putrea is an environment lover as well and she says that with more and more people coming out as the savior of the earth, it is hard to distinguish between a genuine environment lover and fake one. She says that she convinces all her wealthy friends to donate to an environmental NGO as soon as it has been justified personally by her that the NGO really walks the talk.

One thing that is common between Putrea and me is that we are both online gambling (Judi Online) lovers.

SEO expert from Nonthaburi discovered VIP2541 when she was high on whiskey

May Voisard is a SEO expert from the city of Nonthaburi in Thailand who claims to have lost a lot of time and money due to following the advice of self-proclaimed internet guru – Neil Patel.

May has been working on creating the Scandinavian version of Fiverr. May says that the website will be available in Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish languages.

May claims that the business people and surprisingly enough the SEO people as well underrate the value of the Twitter for business use half of the time if not more which can be fatal for any big or small business nowadays.

May believes that Linkedin is a sinking ship but there’s a lot of potential for an updated version of the same. May thinks that Linkedin should either upgrade itself in the word’s truest sense or sell itself otherwise it is going to be taken over by someone who knows the value of something like Linkedin and is willing to go the extra mile.

May remembers how when once drunk, she read Dr Fuhrman as ‘The Fuhrer’ and immediately reported the website as antisemitic only to feel stupid later. She doesn’t regret that night enough as that was the night when she discovered vip2541.

May claims that Facebook business page likes do not mean or matter as much as they used to once but it has been going the opposite way for Twitter since they updated their spam control.

May says that crushing SEO search results is more difficult nowadays than it ever was before and if you don’t have that celebrity budget then don’t even try ranking for a difficult keyword.

May believes that sometimes good photography and videos dramatically reduce the conversion and sales of your product or services online instead of the other way round and that’s the reason why she doesn’t recommend the same to all of her clients.

Clothing brand owner and conspiracy theorist hates the banking system but loves online gambling

Narong Chokwises owns a clothing brand that only manufactures and sells pastel or neon colored clothes. Narong’s brand has been doing great since the very beginning and most of the sales come from online buyers. Narong is a conspiracy theorist with a large following online and he never forgets to advertise his clothing brand on each of his conspiracy theory post.

Narong once became friends with a Muslim guy but he had no idea that the Muslims don’t eat pork meat. He fed his Muslim friend with bacon only to get beaten by him and his friends later on and since then he hasn’t made friends with a Muslim guy or a girl.

Narong doesn’t make friends with Muslims doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support them on different terms. Niran claims that Jihad is just like patriotism in English. Narong says that just because the Muslims do not let their countries get invaded so easily, the mainstream media and other stakeholders have been misusing the term.

Narong was the first one to write about one Muslim young man 26 years of age who got beaten by a White Supremacist mob just because he was driving a Porsche 911 and the White Supremacist mob wrongly believed that he was doing so in order to tease the Whites and Americans for them not being able to defend themselves during the 9/11 attack.Although Narong condemns the attack as much as he can with all his heart, he still nevertheless claims that the Muslim Porsche 911 owner was an idiot as he had 911 written all over his car including windshields as well. Narong even sometimes doubts that the Porsche 911 owner-driver really had 911 written all over his car in order to tease the Whites and Americans.

Although Narong is against the banking system, he is very much for the online gambling, especially steps 99 (บอลสเต็ป99).

Coffee company owner loves online gambling as much as he loves UG Krishnamurti and his philosophy

Alex Huh inherited a coffee company from his parents. Alex’s parents used to import coffee from Ethiopia. Alex changed the business model completely that now they will only import coffee from Colombia instead and the model turned up to become extremely successful. Alex’s strategy or model whatever name you would like to give to the same, decreased the price of the coffee and increased the sales and profit margin as well. Alex says that the customers don’t care much about where the coffee is coming from, all that they care about is about the packaging and one of Alex’s good friends is into the packaging business.

Alex is not married and he is not willing to ever get married as he is against the very institution of marriage himself. Alex is an ardent follower of the Indian philosopher UG Krishnamurti who says that marriage is a form of legalized prostitution and Alex couldn’t agree more with it but on the same time, UG Krishnamurti also cannot stop emphasizing enough on how important is reproduction and Alex couldn’t agree more again. Alex says that his plan is to have babies with IVF and he personally believes that single parents are more likely to love and care for the child instead of the other way round. Alex claims that it is a myth created by various stakeholders that single parents cannot be as good as their couple counterparts in order to keep their industries on the roll. Alex claims that he can give several examples where a single father or mother proved to be better than any 2 parents.

Alex loves himself some good 먹튀 and that’s what he was upto when I last talked to him.

She is passionate about the business she inherited but not as much as she is about the online Baccarat

Rose Kaya recently inherited the one and only factory that her father established back in the late 1990s after her father died due to cardiac arrest. The factory manufactures auto wet pipes including car interior wet pipes, car leather seat wet pipes, car dashboard wet pipes, car alloy wheel wet pipes and car windscreen and headlamp wet pipes.

Rose is yet to develop the passion for the factory as strong as her passion for Baccarat (บาคาร่า) but she has already begun making posts on the blog of the company’s official website, most of which have been receiving very controversial response.

Rose says that whoever finds the F1 racing to be fun is either a complete idiot or a child.

Rose claims to have the secret information that the Indian motorcycle and scooter company – TVS is secretly building a 660 cc car which will be the cheapest car of India at the time of its launch. Rose says that the inspiration of the car is Honda N Box and the prototype that she saw even looks like Mini Cooper and Honda N Box. Rose says that the company hasn’t disclosed the information yet because TVS is notorious for its slow speed of manufacturing and mismanagement but their competition on other side are right the opposite and TVS even fears that they are more efficient as well. If TVS discloses the information, their competition will have an edge over them and they will grab the opportunity much before the TVS and TVS is also well aware of the fact that the customer will prefer a car company to manufacture a car for them rather than a local motorcycle company.

Home Theater manufacturer has been debunking magic and winning lotteries

Karina Holm owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing audio and video products, especially for the home theater systems for the past 2 years. Their main products include Active Crossovers, Optimized Amplifiers, Protection Circuitry, Room Response Controls and Directivity Control Waveguide. Karina’s company claims to be the one-stop shop for all your audio video solutions.

Karina used to be a chief engineer at Gryphon Audio Designs before finding her own company. Læs mere to know the secret of Karina’s success.

Karina has been debunking the black market of black magic across the world for the past 20 years now. Karina claims that the independent spirits, astral projection, remote viewing are nothing but the play of human subconscious

Karina says that the biggest proof that ghosts, spirits, souls are mere myths is that the ones who claims to have seen, experienced or felt the same only claim to have seen, felt or experienced the human soul, what about the spirits of the animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, worms and insects, she asks.

Karina says that those who claim that they get disturbed by ghosts, spirits, etc when alone or in the night need to understand that one cannot see without eyes, one cannot hear without the ears, one cannot smell without a nose and ghosts lack of all these organs, they are all incorporeal.

Karina claims that she knows a magician personally who claims to perform enchantment which means he claims that he can impose his will on the reality. He makes a couple of thousands of dollars with the same doing it part-time. Karina says that his full-time job is flipping burgers at the Burger King which he hides from all his clients and prospects.

Super-wealthy industrialist owns 7 different cars for 7 days of the week, one of which was paid for with gambling money

Cheryl Kim owns a factory that manufactures and exports all kind of wheel nuts, cap nuts, l-key nuts, l-key bolts, hub bolts, adapters and hand tools and she is also the chairperson and CEO of an air courier service.

Cheryl owns one of the oldest South Korean based auto blogs on the internet. The day hasn’t gone by since the day of blog’s inception when Cheryl didn’t write a post on her blog. Cheryl’s blog is popular for controversial posts. For example, Cheryl claims that Audi, Infiniti, Acura and Volvo are poor man’s luxury cars and any of these have nothing to do with luxury.

Cheryl claims that many of the defunct car making companies were operated by some of the most passionate people and that’s the reason why they became defunct in the first place as these extremely passionate car makers weren’t willing to make any sort of compromises on their principals, design and other stuff.

Cheryl believes that Bhutan has a lot of potential for the car industry and is definitely the most overlooked country when it comes to the same. Cheryl claims that she knows about a group of young guys that have been working to create the most revolutionary sort of tyres in Bhutan and Cheryl really believes that they will soon be successful.

Cheryl claims to have the secret information that the largest energy drink maker – Red Bull wants to enter into manufacturing motorbikes and cars. Cheryl really believes that they will be successful enough to survive for the next 100 years. Cheryl claims that they are asking Ford and Honda for the support to start their auto manufacturing company and their success idols are Hyundai and KIA.

Cheryl personally has 7 different cars for 7 days of the week. Cheryl bought one of these with the money she won with betting on 안전놀이터 over a period of 6 months.

Wealthy industrialist claims that he knows each and every online slot agent

Solomon Rohn owns a four decade old company that has been involved in manufacturing and selling aviation, racing, tuning products. Solomon is a great car enthusiast who is popular among the people familiar with him as a controversial car blogger.

Solomon has been driving his Nissan 370Z to the workplace for the past 6 years and says that they are yet to create an everyday sports car as good as the Nissan 370Z. Solomon used to drive a Porsche 911 before this to his office everyday.

Solomon says that he doesn’t know a single man or a woman that drives a Porsche Panamera. Solomon asks “What were they thinking when they created this big blunder called Porsche Panamera?”

Solomon says that never buy a car from a maker that is not serious about business. Solomon claims that Mitsubishi is one such maker that is not serious about their cars at all anymore. Solomon says that he first used to believe that the Mitsubishi isn’t only serious about the business in the country that he lives in but when he traveled around the world, he found out that they are nowhere serious about the business. Solomon says that the trick to discover an uninterested car maker is simple, you just need to take into consideration two things and two things only and those are:- 1. They don’t upgrade their cars consistently and 2. Most of their cars are either underpowered or overpowered or both.

Solomon has dents all over his head and he likes to keep himself bald. Solomon’s children love to drive their Hot Wheels all over Solomon’s head and strangers sometimes look at Solomon awkwardly like he is some serial killer.

Solomon can never get enough of slots online and he perhaps knows about almost each and every agen slot online.

Cockfight betting is one of the best spare times for those addicted to it

Tessa Cochran is a talent agency owner who met her model husband at an international airport. The both chatted for hours there and fell in love meanwhile. Tessa’s husband had no idea that his wife is going to be the one who will get him most of the chances for his career.

Anyways, Tessa’s talent agency is popular for the blog on its official website. Tessa claims that age is one of the most important factors for a talent agency. Tessa says that if you are lucky enough to find a talent agency that is reputed enough and has helped in the creation of many ‘stars’, then don’t miss your chance.

Tessa has special acting classes for the non-native English speakers at her school. Tessa says with the number of immigrants increasing each year in the United States, it had become compulsory for her to start such thing.

Tessa says that a great percentage of these immigrants studied at a single gender school, especially the ones from the Indian subcontinent and hence they find it extremely difficult to work with the opposite gender in the modeling or acting field.

Tessa says that photoshoots are one thing and movies are another, one shouldn’t think that he/she can be a great actor if he/she is/was a successful photoshoot model. Tessa claims that the number of such people has been increasing day-by-day, month-by-month, year-after-year and that’s the reason why she had to make a post specifically dedicated to this issue.

When Tessa and her husband are together, they love to bet together on cockfighting websites (sabung ayam).

Tessa has also been helping her husband start his own custom gift store business.It is such a lovely and romantic experience for both of them.

Physicist is intensely busy developing training programs but she still finds enough time to gamble on credit

Pamela Martin is a practicing Physicist who claims that it is a myth that most diseases in the modern day and time are chronic and lifestyle driven. Pamela claims that 99% of the diseases that we are aware of today were always there with the human beings but just remained undiagnosed.

Pamela also believes that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Pamela says that a disease whose cure scientists and doctors are unable to find are labeled as incurable diseases.

Pamela has been busy launching a training program for the new doctors for the past couple of months but she still manages to get enough time for her daily ritual of gambling using credit (judi pakai pulsa).

Pamela says that there should be as many health related articles by the people that know what they are talking about as there are celebrity news articles and the world can be a better place finally.

Pamela claims that except herself, she hasn’t met a single doctor who has some good advice regarding the nutrition and health in general. Pamela says that most nutritionists are doing great job and they are the people that you ought to go to if you need a nutrition related advice.

One of the reasons why Pamela is so much appreciative of the nutritionists is that she was born to a nutritionist mother who also wanted Pamela to be a nutritionist as well. Pamela’s dad was a dentist who wanted Pamela to become a dentist, Pamela didn’t listen to either and become a General Practitioner instead and loving it.

Tracy Buckingham sold out all her jewelry to bet on QQ288 with the same bucks

Tracy Buckingham is a Regional Director Assistant at Amazon United Kingdom.

Tracy understands the passion for designer clothes, especially bridal ones but doesn’t understand or value the passion for designer shoes.

Tracy claims millionaire heiresses are far more intelligent than their self-made counterparts because of the genes that they inherit but they aren’t driven to use their intelligence to make money as much.

Tracy also believes that diamond is the biggest scam on earth after gold. Tracy claims that she never bought any jewelry with her own money and she sold the ones out that her wealthy ex-boyfriend gifted her to bet on qq288 with the same money.

Tracy is not religious at all. She doesn’t believe in Darwin’s theory and many of the things that the scientists have to say and convey to the population of the world. Tracy is ready to believe that the human beings evolved from the apes, she even goes to the extent of claiming that she always knew that the human beings evolved from the apes even before she read the same in the school but Tracy is not willing to believe that the human beings are related to the amoeba or the fishes.

Tracy asks that if the religious people are so much dear to the god than why are they the first ones to die in a calamity and are often found living a miserable life. Tracy says that perhaps the god is Satan indeed and he created the living creatures and this earth in order to make us suffer and live a miserable life and enjoy the sight of it. She also says that perhaps the lord of the planet that we live in is Satan and the rest of the universe is managed by the Yahweh and Satan makes the good people die young in order to send them to Yahweh or to some other planet but Tracy is not willing to believe at all that the lord of the planet earth is a good one.

Wealthy Industrialist is a frugal woman who fulfills her small petty expenses with the money she wins with betting

Korel Iskandar is a wealthy industrialist who owns a company that manufactures and exports door closers, floor springs, patch fittings, glass connectors, shower hinges and canopy fittings.

Korel is popular among her friends for being an automobile freak. Korel remembers the time when driver’s armrest was considered a luxury even in the European cars. Korel is never tired of repeating that we have come way too far in the past one decade in terms of the automobile advancement, especially when it comes to the interiors of the automobiles.

One of Korel’s employees is a mechanical engineer who has been working on creating a Lion shaped motorcycle which he claims will be the most beautiful and most stylish motorcycle ever in the history. Korel has been funding him for 50% of the share in his upcoming company. Korel says that she knows him for the past 5 years and she is certain that he is definitely going to achieve what he has been aiming for.

Korel is a huge fan of the Japanese cars and their manufacturers. Korel claims that Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX are overall a better package than any Italian supercar any day. She says that it is ridiculous that people so wealthy can be lured to buy such trashy Italian cars for millions of dollars. Korel says that now she knows for certain that money cannot buy brains.

Korel has always believed that the SUVs are meant to be boxy otherwise they are always in a great danger of flipping over.

Korel says that when it comes to taking bumps on the roads for a luxury car, Lexus and Infiniti handle it the best. Korel recently bought one of the most expensive hand-stitched steering leather cover for her Infiniti QX60 with the money that she won with Judi Online and she loves it.

From an internet cafe owner to a computer motherboard manufacturer, this sabung ayam lover is addicted to success

Glady Safere started her business career with having her own internet cafe but today she owns a factory that manufactures computer motherboard. All these years, Glady has put an end to several different hobbies and found some new ones as well like sabung ayam.

Glady is a great admirer of the traditional phrenology but has her own personal and unique ideas as well. Glady says that those who look like dogs have heart of a dog, those that look like bears have heart of a bear and so on.

Glady says that anybody who says that human beings are aliens is an idiot. Glady claims that it is quite evident that human beings evolved from the apes and anybody who denies the same and makes baseless theories like human beings are aliens is either a troll or an idiot.

Glady loves cars and she follows the automobile industry regularly. Glady says that she has many friends in the Republic of China and she has the information that some Chinese automakers have been receiving more positive reviews that they themselves expected and some of the specific car models by reputed automakers like Geely are even more reliable than a Toyota Camry.

Glady believes that Ford is still one of the most reliable auto-maker in the industry and F-150, Crown Victoria are just 2 examples.

Glady has made trips to Turkey thrice in her life only to fell in love with the country more each time. Glady says that her dream is to build a housing societies, shopping malls and plazas all over Mount Ararat in Turkey and she will have the skyscrapers painted as Turkish Lira there.

Struggling Feng Shui Consultant hired a Limo on her Birthday with FUN88 bucks

Melisa Benson hired a limousine for her birthday party for the first time with the money she won with FUN88 Alternatif. Melisa is a struggling Feng Shui Consultant and she cannot afford to hire a regular Mercedes Benz E Class for any occasion let alone a limousine.

Melisa is a blogger as well and she mostly writes about the politics and conspiracies. Melisa claims that the United States of America has nothing to offer than wealth and prosperity and that’s what’s the USA’s greatest fear. Melisa claims that once other countries go on par with the United States of America in terms of wealth and prosperity, the game of the United States of America will be over forever. Melisa says that the USA knows it all and that’s the reason why it is busy creating conspiracies.

Melisa also claims that the upcoming robots will be far better at accounting than the human beings. Melisa believes that not only will the robots steal the jobs of the millions and maybe billions of people but also kill their self-esteem.

One of Melisa’s best friends is a mechanic who likes to give so many analogies about vehicles, he claims that willpower is just like suspension, once broken it doesn’t let you go anywhere in life and once broken you can fix it but it requires a lot of hard work and effort and you need to make sure that you don’t break it enough.

Melisa is an atheist herself but she loves and respects all the religions around the world. She recently enjoyed a Langar at a Sikh Gurudware and loved it.

Melisa is a huge fan of Rick Ross, she likes to call him the definition of swagger.

Togel Hongkong made this Auto-Mag Owner believe in the Law of Attraction

Sarah Thomas worked as a photographer and writer for an automobile magazine until she founded one of her own.

When Sarah was unemployed, she knew tons of politicians and some high commissioners as well but was still poor and unemployed which proves that only knowing top people doesn’t result in anything. Sarah never asked anybody for help ever and they didn’t provide any help to her voluntarily although almost all of them knew that she was unemployed. The only thing that came to the rescue of Sarah was prediksi hongkong hari ini 2d which made her enough money to get a rented house for herself, put healthy and high quality food on her table so that she could go out with all her energy and look for a job for herself.

Sarah never believed in law of attraction until she was really desperate for the money and the doors kept opening for her like never ever before.

Being an automobile magazine owner, Sarah is eligible to make claims regarding the automobile industry. Sarah claims that Audi Q7 is the best overall luxury SUV of all times. Sarah believes that Volvo XC90 was a tough competitor to the Audi Q7 until they started making those in the Republic of China.

Being a car lover, Sarah says that anybody having sex in car should be put in jail for at least next 8 years.

Sarah believes that fuel-efficient SUVs and Crossovers are the vehicles of the future.

Sarah also started a Google Algorithm tracking business recently inspired by Bradley Bailyn’s First Page Sage.

Sarah says that the day is not far when she will have 198 different automotive blogs and 198 different magazines for each of the 198 countries on the planet earth.

Protestant Laywer recommended me the best Bingo site that I ever came across

Ben Conti is a devout Protestant who claims that we are living in the end times. He has his personal views about the story of the Dajjal – the false messiah and the end times. Ben claims that the story told to most of us regarding Dajjal, Jesus and others is a total lie and has nothing to do with the reality. Ben Conti claims that instead of the popular belief that Jesus Christ himself will come down on earth to destroy Dajjal and the evil and unobedient creatures, all the messiahs ever sent down to the planet earth will come down together on the planet earth and they will simultaneously burn the sinners together within a fraction of a second and not a single innocent creature will be harmed in this process. Ben claims that all the messiahs will indeed be 1000 times larger than they were when their birth first took place on the planet earth but they will appear to each and every sinner and non-sinner with their real size in the end times.

Ben is a lawyer by profession and he claims that becoming a lawyer is extremely easy but becoming a lawyer who is successful and respected is not.

Ben claims that the lawyers who talk a lot are considered extremely stupid even by their clients. Ben says that all the top lawyers that he knows only talk useful stuff.

Ben hates the fact that justice is for sale in the third world countries. Ben likes to make sarcastic comment “In the Indian subcontinent or in Africa, you just need to hire the cheapest possible lawyer and with the same money that you saved up with hiring the cheapest lawyer, bribe the judge and watch yourself win the case.”

Ben recently recommended me the best bingo site and I have that open on the other tab of my browser.

Lead engineer has some interesting ideas about many things including online gambling

Pallavi Sekhon is New Delhi based Indian engineer who has been working as a lead engineer at an global company that supplies telecommunications networking equipment, software and services.

Pallavi is a blogger as well and she is notorious for making controversial posts on her blog. Pallavi claims that Indian version of Big Brother is called Bigg Boss because Indian brothers are extremely strict and conservative towards their sisters but Indian bosses love to watch women wearing skimpy clothes and that’s the reason why Pallavi is always dressed in sexy sklmpy clothes to impress her male bosses.

Pallavi loves the Bollywood movies of the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s and she feels nostalgic about the era when they used to refer to the villains as ‘Zero’ in India. Yes, most Indians back then used to refer to the lead actor as the ‘Hero’ and the villain as the ‘Zero’.

Pallavi claims that most divorces happen because of lack of sexual gratification in one or both the partners. She gives several examples to prove it, one of the examples include the divorce of the popular musicians of the 1980s – Sandra Ann Lauer and Michael Cretu. Pallavi claims that Sandra has a very high sex drive and Michael doesn’t and with age, Michael’s sex drive kept on declining which made Sandra look for another partner which she successfully achieved. Pallavi claims that Sandra’s husband no. 2 – Olaf Menges had a very high sex drive and he was keeping Sandra very happy until he got addicted to the energy drink Red Bull and the rest is history.

Pallavi loves to bet on online gambling websites like Lunabet no matter what others have to say against the gambling. Pallavi claims that the money that she keeps on winning with online gambling is on par with her monthly salary.

Online imported products seller loves Japan, Japanese products and Kolaybet

Brandon Morse sells only imported stuff online – on his own website and eBay. Brandon claims that several different online and offline businesses have tried to copy his business model only to lose money and see themselves failing which many times resulted in the owner of the business felling into depression and never trying any other business ever. Brandon says that he is proud of being responsible for causing business-phobia to so many different businessmen and businesswomen.

Brandon says that the stuff that sells the most at his website and eBay is the one imported from Japan. Brandon claims that the American people drool over the Japanese products no matter what it is. Brandon says that the American people have been buying paper made in Japan only to find later that is the same as the regular American paper.

Brandon claims that if size weren’t an issue, he could have sold millions of dollars worth of Japanese apparel for women. Brandon says that he tried selling apparel imported from Japan on his website only to find out soon that it doesn’t fit most of the adult American women.

Brandon regularly visits the Tokyo Giftshows and he has seen almost all of sightseeing areas of Yokohama, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kawasaki.

Brandon is a strict atheist who doesn’t sell Japanese god statues on his website or on eBay at all although they are always in a great demand. Brandon doesn’t believe in compromising with his principals and he doesn’t want the American people to fall for another devious religion after they got freed from the trap of the Hinduism.

Brandon recently bought himself a 1993 Jeep Wrangler with the money he won with Kolaybet and he couldn’t be any happier. Brandon says that it is really a distinct fun to buy yourself an automobile with the money you won with betting online. Brandon is waiting for his next lucky day when he wins so many bets at one sitting again.

Football freak successful entrepreneur learnt more with Restbet than his business, parents and football combined

Womesh Das owns a company that manufactures Industrial Dryers, Mixers, Blenders, Evaporators, Agitators & Reactors, Storage Tanks & Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Womesh believes that ethics, quality and sustainability are the three most important pillars for any business.

Womesh also believes that ambitious men and women are bound to be temperamental but the ones that really achieve something are the ones that successfully learn the art of transforming their temperament into creativity.

Womesh claims that some of his class fellows that were very dull students in the school have turned to be extremely successful entrepreneurs just because they learnt this art of transforming temperament into creativity. He says that most of them made it big in the arenas that require you to be extremely intelligent.

Womesh started his entrepreneurial career with a Volvo fan forum, blog and marketplace and from there in a very dramatic way, he ended up entering the industry that he is currently a part of.

Womesh believes that Volvo started its journey to death when it decided that they will have manufacturing plants in the Republic of China.

Womesh has a very strange belief which has nothing to do with the business that he is involved in or anything else that he is involved in and the belief is that the germs also have platonic relationships with the opposite sex.

Womesh believes that it is very hard to find a true teacher in today’s selfish times but you can definitely find one if you try hard enough and stay on the path of finding one until you succeed. For Womesh, his greatest teacher has been online gambling. Womesh loves to play football since he was in the school and he always used to say that the game of football has given him more than his parents ever could but now he is always found saying that the game of Restbet has given him more than anything else ever could.

Samantha Walia firmly believes that the aliens are far more superior to the human beings just like Safirbet is far more superior to any other gambling game

Samantha Walia is a fashion designer who believes that designer clothes shouldn’t cost a fortune. Samantha has been trying her best to make designer clothes ‘GAP Cheap’.

Samantha’s grandfather was a captain of a ship.

Having lived in India for over 6 years, Samantha has come to the conclusion that disparity is everywhere in India and for everyone – customers, shop owners, small business owners.

Samantha says it is funny how a great percentage of Indians still believe in the ancient or prehistoric superstitions like if once someone is bitten by a serpent, they become extremely selfish and mean like a serpent. A great percentage of Indians still believe that standing on a pillow voluntarily or by mistake causes migraine alike; many Indians still believe that clipping nails inside the house makes you and your family financially indebted and cutting hair on certain days of the week, namely – Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday does the same as well.

Samantha learnt Hindi language while living in India and although she is not yet fluent in the language, she recently wrote a song in Hindi, here is an excerpt from the same:-

“Kharghar ka Jaanwar,

Udaipur se Jodhpur,

Nanha-Munha Jaankar,

Naa kar Gaban,

Main Karun Srajan,

Tu Kar Bhajan,

Jan Gan Man,

Meri hai tujhse Anban”

Samantha believes that neon-sign advertising brings in the most sales in case of most businesses, be it fashion designing or gambling. Samantha wishes that her favorite gambling website – Safirbet also used more neon for advertising and on their website.

Samantha’s dream is to design, create and operate the greatest theme park ever in the history of the planet earth. Samantha firmly believes that there are planets far more advanced than the planet earth and the creatures on the planet earth including human beings are no match to them.

Employee of the year bought a Subaru WRX with Togel Singapura money

Mark Duggal is a UI technical leader at a major online clothing store. Mark is the only one in his company to score employee of the year award twice. Mark is an automobile and gambling freak as well and he has two blogs dedicated to each.

Mark says that he has always been unlucky with almost everything in life but he has always had an extremely good luck with betting on Togel Singapura. Mark says that the Subaru WRX that he recently bought, he bought with the money he won with Togel Singapura.

Mark says that it is funny how they used to buy sedans and coupes all the had many children in the family and some even lived in joint families and now when they don’t have many children, some don’t have at all and the rest are single, they like to drive SUVs.

Mark says that it is unfair to compare Mercedes S-Class with BMW Series or Jaguar XJ as Mercedes S-Class is far superior than the rest 2 but Mercedes E-Class can definitely be compared with BMW 5-Series or Jaguar XF and even Volvo S90.

Mark claims that he has done an extensive study on which cars are liked by people belonging to which profession. Mark says that he has concluded that the Psychologists prefer BMWs, Psychiatrists prefer Mercedes but the General Practitioners and Surgeons love Lexus.

Mark constantly accuses the most popular car Youtuber of April, 2019 – Scotty Kilmer, of being a Toyota agent. Mark claims that Scotty Kilmer is against the cars with keyless entry because Toyota is against it as well.

Mark says that Nissans are either best looking or the worst looking in their segment usually and sometimes even the most awkward looking as well – the most obvious example that comes to the mind in this case is that of the Nissan Juke. Mark says that the biggest USP of the Nissan cars is their looks only and that’s why Mark prefers Nissan over any other Japanese car-maker.

There is no such thing as true democracy but thank god that honest casino websites still exist

Geeta Budhraja is a daughter of engineer parents from India. Geeta was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Geeta wonders all the time the reason why engineers eat too little. Geeta says that each and every engineer that she ever came across eats very little.

Like most Indians, Geeta’s parents come from a very poor financial background in India. They tell Geeta how the poor of India have a habit of threatening all the time. Geeta says that her parents also told her that although the poor of India keep threatening the others all the time, although when it comes to taking an action, they fail to do anything.

Geeta is an amateur political thinker and analyst as well. Geeta says that democratic political parties around the world shouldn’t have the right to any sort of confidentiality whether it be related to party funds or anything. Geeta doesn’t believe that true democracy exists anywhere in the world, including in Sweden, Denmark or Norway, Geeta says that it is a myth created in order to hide the reality that there is no such thing as democracy. Geeta believes that the people that run the world are so smart, they deliberately chose Scandinavian countries to pretend that a thing like true democracy can really exist and already exists just because this region of the world is one of the least populated and there are not much people that can reject their claim. Geeta says that two more reasons why they chose Scandinavia for their claim are that, the people of this region don’t have English as their native language and they are some of the richest people on earth. Geeta believes that like a lion, the truth will defend itself and the reality about the so-called true democracy of Scandinavia will soon come in the front of the people’s eyes.

When Geeta is not busy venting out against the governments or the rulers, she is busy placing bets online, she even knows about จีคลับออนไลน์ which is perhaps the most popular website among the top online gambling freaks at the moment.

She is an empath, she is a conspiracy theorist, a real rare-breed that believes in casinos

Jade Abramova is a freelance strategist and operations consultant at a major corporation. Jade claims that she is an empath, she claims that one nerve on the right side of her brain starts to ache around some peculiar people that are envious of her and want to do her bad.

Jade owns 2 cars currently, one BMW X5 and a Nissan Versa. Jade owns a couple of dogs and although she claims that she loves her dogs more than her own life, she never travels with them in her BMW X5, only her Nissan Versa.

Jade believes that for some, difficult problems are easier to solve but these people are a rare breed, examples of such people including Henry Ford, Nicola Tesla, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Jade claims that she is also one of these but she hasn’t got a chance yet to prove herself.

Jade claims that she knows about a group of Greek astronomers that is working on something big and important but secretly so and she regularly chats with one of those on a Casinoforum.

Jade also claims that she has the secret information that Li Shufu of China has got so much overconfident with his recent business successes that he is now planning to get into manufacturing Fighter Jets.

Jade has a strange belief that the River of San Maguel in El Salvador was cursed by the god himself that the creatures living by that river will never be happy.

One co-worker recently hacked Jade’s Facebook account just because she called him Malaka (Wanker) because he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife

Jade doesn’t like to speak much and she believes that a conversation is completely useless unless if you don’t learn anything out of it or it doesn’t serve any other important purpose(s).

Wealthy matchmaker rides in a Lexus LS and bets on that SCR888

Earl White is a wealthy matchmaker, always dressed in white clothes and black boots, chauffeur driver in a Lexus LS 500, Earl is also a 30% owner in one of the largest sunscreen manufacturing company in his small Island nation of Malta and Gozo, Earl just not has the right to make decisions in the same company.

Earl lived in Malaysia, India and in different countries of the African continent for a long while and he has loads of things to say about all these nations and he does the same on Twitter and his blog. Earl is not ashamed to admit that he is addicted to betting on a Malaysian gambling website that goes by the name scr888 and he is also not ashamed to admit that he had several rendezvous with the exotic beauties in the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia and Africa.

Earl claims that everything is for sale on the African continent and the Indian subcontinent but someone needs to find someone who can sell intelligence and smarts to the people of these 2 major regions of the world. Earl says that he is shocked to see that the common people of these 2 regions are so stupid and he says that he is not a racist but has sympathy with the people of these 2 major regions.

Earl noticed that some students of the Indian and Pakistani schools are so poor that they can’t afford the winterwear that they sell in schools there with their holograms and just because they wear the regular sweaters or other winterwear in school, they get persecuted in the school.

Earl also mentioned in one of her blog posts that although the literacy rate in India may be higher than in Pakistan but the stupidity and narrow-mindedness prevails more in India than in Pakistan in the current times and India and Indians need to do something about it before it gets too late.

Wealthy factory owner and veteran journalist relives his Macau days with Klasemen Liga 1

Ian Fedele is a wealthy factory owner who seldom talks without any purpose, his wife – Brooklyn loves him for this and she is also likes to stay silent as much as possible. Brooklyn is an eBay super-seller that imports cheap and specialized stuff from India and China and sells the same on eBay.

Ian lived in the Eurasian Steppe for 3 years when he used to be a journalist and he really found the body language of the Eurasian people to be funny and magnificent at the same time.

Ian claims that all the Eurasian dictators and major politicians are puppets of Russia and United States of America that are responsible for keeping the Eurasian Steppe an ignored and poverty stricken part of the world. Ian claims that having lived in Eurasia for 3 years, Ian observed which many people fail to and those who do, don’t speak about it too often and that is that the Eurasian people are extremely diligent, hard-working and intelligent people and when given a chance, they can prove to be far superior to most races of the world.

Ian remembers meeting an exceptionally hard-working woman in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, who would buy old books from the scrap dealers and sell the same on her own website and on eBay. She made more money than 70% of the working people in Karakol.

Ian is not a Muslim but he recently donated a lot of money for the construction of an Islamic Mosque.

Ian says that the most relieving time for him is when he relives the good old days of his late teenage years and early 20s. He used to play a lot of GTA games in his teenage years and to relive the same, he recently enjoyed a trip to the New York city where he visited Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium to feel like he was in real life GTA Liberty City.

Ian used to visit casinos all the time when he was in his early 20s as he was put in Macau by his News channel to cover the news from there and last week, when Ian wanted to relive those days so badly, he didn’t bother to visit a casino but instead bet online on Klasemen Liga 1 non-stop for 26 hours without sleep.

Accountant eases her pain by betting on LSM99

Olga Apibal started an online blog of her own about 3 years ago, she followed all the blog tips which she considered trustworthy and right but still her blog failed and she finally shut it down in the December of 2018 because Olga had started to consider that blog unlucky for herself and she didn’t want to start 2019 with the shadow of that blog.

Olga is an accountant by profession, she spent 5 years after getting an accounting job to study her passion – Astrogeology.

Olga loves to study history as well and after reading over 500 books on history, she has come to the conclusion that while historians can be somewhat trusted on their words, the chronologists cannot be trusted at all about most of the events.

Olga owns a hamster that has won over 6 cutest pet contests and this hamster is the only thing that she loves more than her own life. Olga cries all the time thinking about the day when this hamster will pass away and to ease her pain a bit, she starts betting on LSM99 until she wins a couple of bets.

Olga’s husband – Qiang owns a homeware store popular for its blankets. This store was established over 60 years ago and Qiang is the second owner of the same. The previous owner had got too old to keep operating the store and he didn’t have any progeny. Finally, he decided to sell his store and retire to Bangkok forever where he can enjoy Thai massage by a new beauty each night and die peacefully.

Qiang says that if you launch a new product, be it a housing society, electronic gadget, homeware, car or anything, ask a ‘Baniya’ of India if he will ever buy the same. Qiang believes that Baniya (Vaishya) people of India are the smartest buyers and the product shouldn’t be considered a VFM product until and unless a Baniya approves the same.

60 yr old businessman bets on Domino 99 to wipe away his brain fog

Gina Medlock is a fashion designer who claims that most modern fashion designers are lazy-ass idiots who don’t go on a treasure hunt like the fashion designers of the 70s, 80s and 90s used to.Gina is 39 and she still bikini-models. Gina’s brother – Wesley is a fashion photographer and videographer with the main focus on Bikini photography. Wesley has been making a full-time living with the Youtube for the past few years and Gina doesn’t feel shy to model in his videos.

Gina’s husband – Stefan is a businessman. He is 21 years older than Gina, which means he is 60 right now. Stefan hasn’t been able to take care of his computer addiction for the past 3 decades. He was addicted to the computers even before the internet became public and after he got an internet connection, his addiction only got worst

Stefan currently owns 2 companies, one of his companies supplies electrical and SMC products like SMC Junction Boxes, SMC Meter Boxes, SMC Distribution Boxes, SMC MCB Distribution Boards, SMC Moulded Service Connection Boards and FRP V Type Arms and another company of Stefan is involved in manufacturing LED Planters and LED Road Dividers.

Stefan’s mother was a celibate nun until she met Stefan’s father at a grocery store. It was the love on first sight and after seeing’s Stefan’s father, Stefan’s mother couldn’t resist herself from breaking her vow of celibacy and ended up marrying him. After the marriage, they had nine children together (6 daughters and 3 sons). Stefan is the eldest son and the fourth eldest child in the family. All of Stefan’s siblings are still alive and well along with their parents.

Stefan has been undergoing this strange condition for the past few years, he doesn’t find exercising to be exhaustive but he feels brain fog all day long after working out. He claims that he bets on a domino 99 website and the condition runs away. Gina says that he has been making up an excuse to find a way to bet worry-free.

Hot Wheels and Car-Crazy Entrepreneur owes a lot to one particular trusted poker agent

Karina Costa is a hot wheels enthusiast with over 600 hot wheels cars stacked up in 3 different pink colored full-size buckets.

Karina used to work as a growth leader at an online marketplace designed focused on manufacturers and wholesalers but now she owns one of her own and Karina says that it wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t discovered the most trusted online poker agent (
Agen Poker Terpercaya). Karina made over 2 million US dollar winning bets on one particular trusted poker website.

By Karina’s obsession with hot wheels, you might have come to the conclusion that she is a car freak. Karina is in reality a car freak and her one and only blog is about the car industry.

Karina claims that BMW’s attempt to impress as many prospects as possible is soon going to cost them in the ways they haven’t even thought about. Karina says that even KIA will be considered a preferable brand over BMW by the year 2030.

Karina wonders why the governments of all the countries don’t make anti-theft immobilisers mandatory for the car manufacturers to put in all the cars.

Just like many of you, Karina hates Doug DeMuro with all her heart, mind and soul. Karina says that she never trusts the Doug score at all and neither should anyone else. Karina claims that Doug is on the payroll of a few car-makers and that’s the reason why he only appreciates all the cars by a few manufacturers and destroy the others. Karina says that you will never find Doug DeMuro talking against a Bentley or an Audi, which she has observed personally.

While Doug DeMuro claims to love the Bentleys, Karina hates those with all her heart, mind and soul again. Karina says that if you are looking for luxury, buy a Rolls Royce, buying a Bentley is always a bad idea.